Except for the "my Account" information (and new books, I guess), this can all be fairly easily accomplished via SRW/U.

If your catalog supports OAI, new books could be handled that way.

I'm not sure of a good, universal way of handling patron data.  It's a realm I wouldn't personally want to get involved in, but there is probably some committee talking about this.

Basically, I think there are ways to do what you're talking about, but you (or somebody with the same ILS) needs to create some web service applications.  I think others in your community would be grateful for such programs.


Stephen DeGabrielle wrote:
I was thinking of a common method to select a range of either human
readable or machine readable outputs.

RSS and RDF being obvious machine readable ones (I can't think of a
good reason to use marc - probably RDF with dublin core if returning
General purpose bibliographic info.  maybe a format that procite or
endnote can import. maybe OAI.  Maybe HTML fragments that I could just
plug into another page.

Human readable could include HTML pages (or fragments?), PDF, RTF,
Word , Excell or CSV.

All I'm really after is ways to better deliver library services to
clients.  Getting HTML fragments is one way of allowing website owners
to embed library services into their site - like how amazon let you
include links to their services via a HTML fragment. (This came from a
discussion about Marketing- and possibly viral marketing- of library 
services in similar ways to those used successfully by amazon and
google (especially gmail)

Stephen De Gabrielle

I think a URL construction like this brings us to a point where the
question is:  what do you expect back?

If the answer is  "the web page generated by the ILS which contains the
appropriate information" are we not at the first step of an OpenURL
If the answer is "the appropriate content so that *I* can generate a
page (or hand it off to some other machine process)" then we're 

are common syntaxes for the bibliographic payload (marc, dc,

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