I found this on Brenda Chawner's bibliography. One article, I am especially interested in, is:

Leung, Siu-Wai, and Yong Peng. 2000. Building web-enabled bibliography databases for collaborative research by using open source software tools. Program 34 (3):291-296.
I have found the Web site: http://www.aslib.co.uk/program/2000/jul/sc02.html but little or nothing functions over there, including their search and subscribe pages.

Does anyone have a copy of that particular article they could share please? Or better yet an email or snail-mail address for the author?

:) I'm desperate to find a copy. My library does not subscribe.

John Taylor-Johnston

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Brenda Chawner wrote:

This is to let you know that I have finally begun the long overdue process of updating this. It's available at


and I still have a few articles to add over the next few weeks. If you have written or seen something I haven't included, I'd be very happy to add it to the list. All you need to do is send me the details, including a URL where it is available if possible . (I'd also like to be told of any corrections, since I can't always spot my own typos.)

I will be aiming for quarterly updates in the future, now that I have gotten back into the project.

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