The program information and registration page are ready for the NERCOMP Library/IT workshop on Open Source at:

Plus a special Hands-on Training Workshop the next day
 (space very limited for the Hands-on Training)

Workshop: April 25, 2001
Hands-On Training: April 26, 2001
Location: Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut

                         If you have ever used the Internet, you have used Open Source software.
                         The concept of software programs that belong to everyone shares a
                         striking similarity to the value of libraries as a collection of shared
                         resources. It is surprising, therefore, that those in the library IT community
                         have not embraced the concept of Open Source software as quickly as
                         they might.

                         The April 25 workshop is designed to give you an idea of what Open
                         Source is and what kind of software is available for libraries. By bringing
                         together some of the creators and adopters, you will have a chance to talk
                         to people who are involved in both side of this endeavor. You will learn
                         what is required to make the software available and what it takes to adopt
                         a program.

                         The April 26 Hands-On Training Day is for those of you who think you
                         want to know still more about how easy it is to adopt Open Source
                         applications for your library. This hands-on workshop will show you what is
                         involved in downloading and installing Open Source applications. We will
                         walk you briefly through the process of installing Apache, Perl and MySQL
                         in a Unix Server.  You will then have the chance to try your hands at
                         downloading and installing MyLibrary and Prospero.
                    Pre-requisite for the April 26 Training day:
                    Basic understanding of what Apache, SQL and Perl
                         are in a Unix/Linux environment, even though you donít have to know
                         exactly how to use them.

Rachel Cheng
Associate University Librarian
Olin Library
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT 06459
Fax: 860-685-3910
Tel: 860-685-3887