While trapped on a boat in the fog in Vancouver's harbor, Dan Chudnov and I discussed the feasibility of something like this.  We talked about organizing a conference 6 months after Access (so, early spring, I guess) with a technical bent and a hackfest type activity.  We didn't want to duplicate Access and dilute the wonder that is Access, but create a variation on the theme; possibly with presentations in the AM discussing problems and new ideas, with a hackfest in the afternoons designed to work (or not) with the concepts from the morning.

Then the drinking and the eating.

Then start all over again the next day.

We wanted to be sure it could be a viable option for Canadians because we felt Access is a decidedly Canadian thing (although we couldn't put our collective finger on why -- possibly a D.I.Y aesthetic that doesn't really seem present at American library conferences) and the fact they seem to know how organize such a fascinating conference.

By the end of the harbo(u)r cruise, however, we had abandoned the idea.  While it seemed like something we desperately need down here, we also didn't want to create the library systems equivalent of the Winnipeg Jets/Quebec Nordiques.  We weren't totally sure that even by timing it that far away from Access that the Canadians would be able to attend both conferences and were terrified of the notion creating a competitor that might challenge Access.

Also, I think neither one of us actually wanted to deal with organizing such a thing.

I think it is interesting to note that every American that spoke in Vancouver made a point to mention that Access is their favorite library conference to attend.


Edward M. Corrado wrote:
On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Erkens, Carol (LIB) wrote:
Why don't they have anything like this in the US? It's a shame, really.


I don't know why, I guess it is time someone organize's one :-). Luckily,
Canada isn't that far away from the US. This conference/event has been on
my hit list for the last few years. Unfortunately, although Canada in
general isn't too far away from New Jersey, British Columbia is pretty
far (and the timing at my job was not good). However, Nova Scotia is
a little closer and I'm going to make Access 2004 a high priority.  

Ed C.

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