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Subject: [FSF] Defective by Design delivers iPad anti-DRM petition with 5, 000 signatures to Steve Jobs -- more coming
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Date: Friday, 5 February, 2010, 3:59 AM

## Defective by Design delivers iPad anti-DRM petition with 5,000
signatures to Steve Jobs -- more coming

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- Thursday, February 4, 2010 -- The Free
Software Foundation's (FSF) Defective by Design campaign against Digital
Restrictions Management (DRM) delivered its "iPad is iBad for Freedom"
petition to Apple CEO Steve Jobs today, demanding that he drop DRM on
all Apple devices.

Photos of the tablet being mailed are at

The petition was launched at <http://defectivebydesign.org/ipad> to
coincide with the iPad debut event in San Francisco. Within 24 hours,
over 5,000 people had signed the petition.

The petition is still accepting signatures, but the first 5,000 names
have been printed on a four-foot tall "tablet" and shipped to Cupertino.
Defective by Design will send a new tablet for every 5,000 signatures,
so supporters can still add their voices at

In a cover letter to Jobs, Defective by Design said, "5,000 people in 24
hours took time out of their day to call you out on this, and demand
change. There is still time for you to do the right thing in the next 60
days, before the iPad actually goes on sale. You can drop the DRM from
the device and the App Store, and actually embrace the ideals you claim
to stand for -- creativity, freedom, and individuality." The full text
of the letter is online at

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