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ASIS&T UW is proud to have Ben Hyman, Manager of Policy and Technology from the Public Library Services Branch in British Columbia, come to the iEdge Conference 2008 at the University of Washington and speak about the B.C. Pines project on April 2nd 2008 for starting at 2:30pm.  B.C. Pines is the B.C. Librarys implementation of the Evergreen open-source ILS. He will talk about how the decision to use Evergreen came about, the present state of the project and his expectations for the future. His presentation will be followed by a Q and A session.

ASIS&T UW would like to invite you to attend this fascinating presentation and any other session you might fine of interest.  Please take a look at our Schedule and then complete this Registration Form if you are planning to attend.

iEdge Registration: https://catalysttools.washington.edu/webq/survey/asis/52335

Further Information:

BC Pines: http://pines.bclibrary.ca/

Evergreen - Open-ILS: http://open-ils.org/

iEdge Conference 2008: http://students.washington.edu/asis/iedge2008/

B.C. Pines Presentation: http://students.washington.edu/asis/iedge2008/presentations.shtml#session2a

Library Technology Guides Article on B.C. Pines: http://www.librarytechnology.org/ltg-displaytext.pl?RC=12917 

ASIS&T UW: http://students.washington.edu/asis/