Call for Participation


2004 APEC Workshop on Resource Sharing in Digital Libraries (APEC-WK2004)

in conjunction with

2004 International Conference on Digital Archive Technologies (ICDAT2004)


16-19 March, 2004

The Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei, Taiwan


Sponsored by

Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica

National Science Council, Taiwan

Technology R/D Division, National Digital Archives Program Office, Taiwan


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This workshop program aims to provide a forum for delegates of APEC member

economies and participants interested in the area of digital libraries to share

their experience in the digital library development and explore ways on

cooperation and collaboration of digital libraries.  The four-day

interdisciplinary workshop will include a very exciting agenda consisting of

invited speeches, technical presentations, and panel discussion sessions.  In

the first two days, it will offer a series of invited speeches by

internationally recognized experts including topics on Digital Preservation,

Resource Management, Digital Content Presentation, Digital Museums and Digital

Libraries Collaboration. In the last two days we will have a joint conference

meeting with ICDAT 2004, a two-day meeting with an emphasis on advanced

technical topics including 4 invited speeches, 18 solicited technical

presentations, and a panel discussion to discuss future international

collaboration possibilities and establishment of a digital content exchange and

sharing mechanism. We believe the participants will find this workshop exciting

and insightful and in the meantime we are looking forward more participants to

attending the upcoming meeting and exploring Taipei, a city full of surprises

and energy.




2004 APEC Workshop and ICDAT will be held at

the Howard Plaza Hotel Taipei, which is situated near to Taipei's major

commercial and financial districts, World Trade Center and government offices.

160, Jen Ai Road, Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan 106 R.O.C. 

TEL: +886-2-2700-2323

FAX: +886-2-2700-0729





The workshop warmly welcomes you to the beautiful north Taiwan and friendly

Taipei to enjoy the workshop program. Please visit our Web site for

up-to-date registration information:




An outline of the preliminary program is shown below, details can be found on


Title:   Challenges for Digital Libraries: Preservation and Collaboration

Speaker: Howard Besser

         Professor and Director, Moving Image Archive and Preservation Program

         NYU's Tisch School of the Arts

         Cinema Studies Department


Title:   Managing Collection Resources at The Art Institute of Chicago

Speaker: Michael Blossom

         Technical Designer for CITI III Collection Management Automation


         Senior Systems Analyst

         The Art Institute of Chicago


Title:   Technology Development of the National Digital Archives Program

Speaker: Jan-Ming Ho

         Research Fellow, Academia Sinica


Title:   Bridging the Gap between Academic Digital Archives and the Digital

         Content Industry -- The Application and Service Division of the

         National Digital Archives Program

Speakers:Jieh Hsiang

         The University Librarian, National Taiwan University

         Hsueh-Hua Chen

         Professor, Department of Library and Information Science

         National Taiwan University


Title:   National Digital Archives Program in Taiwan: An Overview

Speaker: Der-Tsai Lee

         Director, Academia Sinica


Title:   Collaborating to Build Digital Resources:

         Some Case Studies of Creating Digital Cultural Content

Speaker: Robert Sidney Martin

         Director, Institute of Museum and Library Services


Title:   Expository Programming and the Digital Library

Speaker: Ken Perlin

         Professor, Department of Computer Science, New York University

         Director of the Media Research Laboratory

         Co-Director of the NYU Center for Advanced Technology


Title:   Digital Asset Acquisition, Preservation, and Delivery

         at the Harvard University Art Museums

Speaker: Sam Quigley

         Director of Digital Information and Technology

         Harvard University Art Museums

         Cambridge, Massachusetts


Title:   Lowering the Cost of Participation: Large Scale Digital Museum

         Collaborations Past and Future

Speaker: Richard Rinehart

         Digital Media Director, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive

         Instructor, Department of Art Practice

         University of California, Berkeley


Title:   Mozume: Associative Information System for Cultural Heritage

Speaker: Akihiko Takano

         Professor, National Institute of Informatics

         Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Tokyo


Title:   Case Studies in Digital Archive Projects in Japan

         - Digital Culture Assets in the Regional Management

Speaker: Mitsuhiro Takemura

         Associate Professor Institute of Environmental Studies

         Graduate School of Frontier Sciences

         The University of Tokyo


Title:   Managing Collection Resources at The Art Institute of Chicago

Speaker: Gregory Tschann

         Collection Management Automation Co-Project Director

         Registrar, Permanent Collection

         The Art Institute of Chicago




Voice Access of Mandarin Broadcast News

-- Berlin Chen, Shun-Shii Lin, James Chen, Wen-Li Shih

   (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)


On Virtual 3D Exhibition of Museum Stores Using Object-Movie Technologies

-- Chu-Song Chen (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)


A Practical Web-based Approach to Enriching Thesaurus

-- Guey-Shya Chen, Shui-Lung Chuang

   (National Tai-Chung Teachers College, Taiwan)


The Austrian Literature online Digital Repository

-- Alexander Egger (Campus02, Austria)


Archiving of Electronically Signed Emails

-- Alexander Egger and Georg Lindsberger (Campus02, Austria)


Satisfying Engineering communities through consortia based System:

A conceptual framework for regional cooperation in India

-- Maitrayee Ghosh (S.P.College of Engineering, India)


DM-XIDS - An application-layer router of incoming XML streams

-- HaoGui, Huayang Li,Yucai Feng (DM Database Corporation, China)


Grid Portal Structure Optimization using Web Mining Technology

-- Hsin-Chuan Ho, Chao-Tung Yang and Hui-Chen Peng

   (Tunghai University, Taiwan)


Using Web Corpora to Create Hierarchical Text Classifiers

-- Chien-Chung Huang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)


Context Recombination for Cultural Digital Archives

-- Asanobu Kitamoto, Sonoko Sato, Takeo Yamamoto, and Kinji Ono

   (National Institute of Informatics, Japan)


Building a Multi-modal Multimedia Information Retrieval System for

the National Museum of History

-- Shun-Shii Lin, Berlin Chen, and Shi-Jie Huang

   (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)


Losing Hubs and authorities on the web: Blondel's to the rescue on how

similar are Bow Tie graphs

-- George Meghabghab (Dept. of Computer Science Technology, USA)


Constructing Securities and Futures Markets Legal Maps of Taiwan using GHSOM

-- Jen-Ying Shih, Yu-Jung Chang, Wun-Hua Chen, Jan-Ming Ho and Cheng-Yan Kao

   (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)


Organizing information for the Agribusiness Sector: Embrapa's Information Agency

-- Kleber Xavier Sampaio de Souza, Joseph Davis, Marcia Izabel Fugisawa Souza

   (University of Sydney, Australia)


Towards A Music Digital Library: A Content-based Processing Paradigm of

Music Collections Using Solo Vocal Signal Modeling

-- Wei-Ho Tsai and Hsin-Min Wang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)


Bilingual Thesaurus Construction for Cross-Language Information Retrieval

-- Jenq-Haur Wang, Jei-Wen Teng, and Wen-Hsiang Lu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)




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