Hi everybody,


<!-- Please pardon any crossposting. -->


My name is Carlos Vilchez-Roman, head of the Automation Office

of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) Library

university, located in Lima, Peru.


I am writing you for the following: the next month I’ll be giving a

training course called “UNIX for librarians”. I think this course will

be very helpful because our ILS is running on a UNIX Tru64 box.


Sadly there’s no material available in Spanish about this topic. I have

only found a book titled ‘UNIX and libraries’ and an article published in

Computers in Libraries, 16 (10), 34-36. In Amazon.com the book is

out of print (I only work with Amazon. They give me a guarantee).


For that reason I’d ask you if you know a website (or PDF files) where

I can get documentarion about training courses on “UNIX and librarians”.

Any information would be appreciated.


Thanks for your time.


Cordially yours,


Carlos Vílchez-Román

Head of Automation Office

Library university – UNMSM