Using iReport with OSRMT Client

  • Rich

    Rich - 2010-04-22

    I am evaluating OSRMT as a possible tool for Requirements To Design to Code traceability. Now that I have entered my content for Requirements, Implementation, and Design and have examined the trace and results etc., I would like to create reports. Since I am using a Client to create my osrmt.mdb data content, can iReport be used to access the osrmt.mdb and create the reports that I need.

    I have stumbled on getting started with iReport as I am unclear on how to connect to the osrmt.mdb database I created using the client. I tried using the Report Wizard to make the connection but cannot provide a Server Address and Database name entry to satisfy the Connections Properties dialog box.

    In summary, how do I access my osrmt.mdb database, created with an osrmt client, in order to create iReports?

  • CJ Turner

    CJ Turner - 2010-04-22

    IF you used the plain vanilla install and you are using the version of iReport installed in that, the drivers and the data source should already be defined for you.  You will see it as "OSRMT primary."  As a starter, use "select * from artifactdetail" as your query.

    If you are doing anything else (like using the latest version of iReport), knowledge of java jdbc connections and the structure of iReport will be invaluable.  More details at

    Above all,  a lot of information contained in the Installation Guide, User Manual, and System Maintenance Manual are really helpful, and make using this 'abandoned' application worthwhile.  You will find them in the documentatioin directory;


  • Rich

    Rich - 2010-04-22

    The problem I am having is in Connecting to the database. I am unclear as to the settings for the "Connections properties" dialogue window:

    Name: This can be anything? I entered "OSRMT primary"

    Type of Connection/Data Source:      Database JDBC connection

    JDBC Driver:  "I have tried several of these drop-down menu options each of which elicits a different error message"

    JDBC URL: Default came up as "jdbc:pdbc:DSNAME

    Since I am attempting to connect to a local database created on my computer I am leaving the Server Address blank.
    I have tried setting the Database field to the path to my data base and also left field blank - don't know what should go here.

    In summary, how do I fill out the fields of the Connections properties page.

    Thanks for your help.

  • CJ Turner

    CJ Turner - 2010-04-23

    OK, try this:
    1) locate the active database
    It should be in <install_dir>\OSRMT\v1_50\server\jboss-4.0.3\bin
    (it is not starter.mdb, that is the base template used by the installer)
    2) Use Control Panel to create a system DSN:
    2.1) Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data sources (ODBC)
    3) use System DSN tab
    3.1) Add  -
    3.2) Name and description as you like…
    3.3)  - search around for your .mdb file -
    (leave login user and password blank)
    3.4) Save and exit all windows
    4.) NOW run iReport  …
    5) Select Data -> Connections/Data sources
    6) New …
    6.1) Name as you like
    6.2) Type: Database JDBC connection
    6.3) Driver: sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver
    6.4) JDBC URL: jdbc:odbc:<NAME you set in step 3.2 above>
    6.5) leave server address, database blank (they are for the wizard)
    6.6) leave user name, password blank
    6.7) Test/Save as needed.
    6.8)  if not already set. Close Data/COnnections window
    7) File -> Report Wizard
    8) you should be able to see the data if you click  button (leave password blank)

    Let me know if this helped.  If you get creative and do something else, please post for others to learn…

  • Rich

    Rich - 2010-04-26

    Thank you for your reply. Using your suggested procedure I was able to access the Access database and am beginning to build reports. I started working with the iReport that is packaged with OSRMT. I determined that the majority of forum support referenced iReport 3.7.2 or at least later versions of iReport so I elected to download the latest.

    In order to do traceability, I have made entries of implementations in the "Dependencies" field of the Requirements entries. I am finding it difficult to retrieve the data pertaining to these "dependencies" data entries so that I might use this information in a traceability report.

    Anyone know the field name and the table name to use in an SQL statement to retrieve the "Dependencies" data record entry?

    Thanks for your help.


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