How to install OSRMT

  • João Ferreirinha

    I dowloaded the release version 1.5.

    I need instructions to instal at windows XP and SQLServer.

    I will ask you to explain every step and detail because i am new to this kind of projects (Plataform Independent).

    Define (if needed) what sdk and external dependencies will i need to have installed on my machine and need to use.

    Best Regards,

    João Ferreirinha

    • genthor-RE

      genthor-RE - 2007-10-29

      Did you read the osrmt_installation.pdf manual with details these steps ?

      • João Ferreirinha

        i did not find that manual!
        Where can i get it?

        Kind Regards

        • genthor-RE

          genthor-RE - 2007-10-29

          Well, you need to extract the osrmt15.jar from the archive and then run the jar (java -jar osrmt15.jar). This will guide you through some basic installation steps. Once done, you have notably access to the installation guide in the installation_path/doc/ directory.

          • Tze-chiu Lei

            Tze-chiu Lei - 2009-01-07

            I've read the installation manual, and it's not very good.  Probably written by the developer himself, not a technical writer.  I couldn't figure out the back-end stuff because the info is so badly organized in the manual.
            Also, having the manual and the software under separate links is blatantly counter-intuitive.  It's as if the developer wanted to make it difficult to get his product.  Almost all other freeware packages include everything you need in one single .zip file.

    • genthor-RE

      genthor-RE - 2007-10-29

      Did you read the osrmt_installation.pdf manual which details these steps ?

    • webwesen

      webwesen - 2008-06-13

      would it make sense to offer a pdf download separately from a main jar?

      • CJ Turner

        CJ Turner - 2008-06-16

        The PDF for install can be downloaded separately.  You can find a link to it on the Wiki
        (  I suppose it really should be referenced on the "Installation Issues" page, but I thought newcomers might read the overview first.

    • Andrew Grillet

      Andrew Grillet - 2008-10-14

      It would be a really good idea to explain that you need to type
      java -jar osrmt15.jar
      at the command line. This is not obvious to potential users. Ideally this should be mentioned on the website adjacent to the download button. 

      Double clicking on the icon caused Windows to attempt to install it on my mobile phone!

      • Art

        Art - 2009-01-06

        THANK YOU Andrew!

    • sandra ruiz

      sandra ruiz - 2009-01-16

      hi, i am a little lost with the installation instructions.

      I edited connection.xml and I stablish the database, username and password for SQL Server, but when I try to connect with the client..It shows me "Invalid user", I dont think that it is really connecting to the server.

      I see this property:
        <void property="driverClass">



      But Where or how I set where this class is.. I mean ..In my PC, I have the location in :
      C:\Program File\Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver\esn

      I also proved enter with DEMO-demo..but it says "Invalid password"

      What  am  I missing?


    • GBlake

      GBlake - 2009-09-09

      if you are using Vista - you need to run the command line by right clicking the command line option, then choosing "run as administrator" or else it won't work. Also the run the server as administrator also.

  • Anonymous - 2010-04-30

    I still can't find the documentation for this project. Could it be more cumbersome, please.

  • Anonymous - 2010-06-25

    It's pretty easy, the jar file must be opened with javaw, if you're on windows and have winrar probably it's associated as a compression file, just opened with the context button (the right button) and select open with… Java Plataform ….
    The installer will asks you to select the language, then you can select the parts you want and the rest is history.
    Once it finished there will be 2 icons on the desktop one for the iReport server and the other one for the OSRMT Server.
    Once running the server you can try the ADDRESS: http://localhost:8080/osrmt/
    Then you must use the user name: DEMO and password: demo
    To start a project just go to the start menu and select: OSRMT Client
    Type the same username and password to get into the application, by default DEMO user is administrator so you can use it to manage user accounts and creating projects.

    This is a great software, something really missed for a very long time, with a nice installer and all. I can't believe it's growth is halted.

  • Anonymous - 2010-06-25

    oh! i almost forgot: the documentation is inside of %installation_path%/osrmt/v1_50/doc
    So if you're into windows and selected default options you should look into: c:\program files\osrmt\v1_50\doc


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