#2 Bugfix + new features for v0.1-alpha


This patch incorporates the changes I made in my
earlier patch with request ID #1465786. The brief
changelog is followed here for clarity.

Managed to get OSQDB to work on a PHP 4 installation
with register_globals disabled. There was also at least
one bug fixed.

Bugs known to be fixed by this patch:
- If an IP address was banned more than once then it
was not possible to unban it again.
- If an IP address was being unbanned, and the ip
address to be unbanned was submitted via the GET
variables (for example when unbanning via the ban list)
then it would not pick up on this. It now finds the IP
address to unban via the $_REQUEST variable instead of
- Tidied up some of the HTML that was output by the QDB.
- Some repeated code in includes/view.inc.php was
tidied up and put into reusable functions.
- Some SQL/PHP code was made more efficient. However,
this has not been tested on a large quote database.

New features:
- Templates are now more flexible as to how they can
look. Existing templates should work, still. Examples
of how they can change their look are shown in the
included wwlug template.
- RSS v2.0 feed introduced for the 10 latest approved
quotes. The link to this RSS feed must be encorporated
into the template, which has not been done to the
existing templates in this patch. See wwlug template
for an example.


  • John Beisley

    John Beisley - 2006-04-10

    Logged In: YES

    This further patch must be applied prior to
    osqdb-0.1-alpha_upstream.patch.bz2 being applied. It
    improves the RSS feed somewhat:

    - The database character encoding should be reflected in the
    RSS feed's <?xml ?> processing directive.
    - The contents of each quote is included in its item in the
    RSS feed.
    - The title of each quote will include the quote comment if
    it has one.

  • John Beisley

    John Beisley - 2006-04-10

    Logged In: YES

    And this patch fixes a bug that was created in that last
    patch, which somehow managed to slip through testing. To
    save confusion this patch is directly against the 0.1-alpha


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