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Outer Space 0.5.67 Released

Outer Space Team is proud to announce new version of the 4X multi-player space strategy game. This release brings major features like new starmap overlays, improved graphics of planets, compatibility with Windows 7 and Mac OS X, new self-update mechanism, and plenty of bugfixes. We would like to thank not just all contributors, but also all players for continuous support of this game.

Posted by Qark 2010-09-11

ospace.net hardware issues

We are very sorry, but server providing ospace.net has serious hardware issues. We hope to resolve all issues by evening CEST [UTC+2].

Posted by Qark 2008-04-02

Outer Space 0.5.66 Released

Outer Space team is proud to announce new version of the 4X multiplayer space strategy game.

This release brings major security fixes that allows player to gain significant resource advantage. It also introduduces German translation, several starmap enhancements, performance enhancements and updates of technology icons.

I would like to thank all contributors, especially Random Chaos who made this release possible.

Posted by Qark 2007-11-26

Outer Space 0.5.65 Released

Outer Space team is proud to announce new version of the 4X multiplayer space strategy game.

This release fixes few major issues like problems with government power, problems with signature of fleets close to each other, and problems with Solar Shield. It brings some improvement in l10n and i18n area and there is brand new French translation available.

Posted by Qark 2007-08-11

Outer Space 0.5.64 Released

Outer Space team is proud to announce new version of the 4X multiplayer space strategy game.

I would like to thank Random Chaos who contributes majority of patches. Good work!

Summary of changes:

New Features:
- Proper minefields now enabled. Minefields are available for each species.
- Added "Terraforming Helper" techs (Solar Shield, Thermal Generator techs)
- Save Starmap button in menu (saves BMP to install folder)
- Mass Redirector for fleet redirection
- Systems with fuel, but where refuel rate is unknown, show (?) icon
- Client-side database will now automatically save every 4 hours
- Fleet renaming enabled
- Reduced CP output of Solar Factories... read more

Posted by Qark 2007-06-16

Outer Space 0.5.63 Released

Outer Space team is proud to announce new version of the 4X multiplayer space strategy game.

This version contains new technlogies for human race, few human technology tweaks, ehnancement for buoys, enhancemens of several dialogs, few new keyboard shortcuts, updated Czech translation, and bug fixes for stealth technologies.

Posted by Qark 2007-05-27

Version 0.5.62

Outer Space team is proud to announce new version of the 4X space strategy game.

This version enhances sorting in Planet overview dialog, enhances Task dialog, prevents abuse of scanner modules, and removes autoRepairMax feature in client. Server is now able to produce detailed database statistics.

Posted by Qark 2007-05-13

Version 0.5.61

Outer Space team is proud to announce new version of the 4X space strategy game.

This version brings mainly major server side fixes, minor technology fixes and one major client enhancement - overlays.

Posted by Qark 2007-02-26

New version 0.5.60, development resumed

Development of Outer Space project has finally resumed culminating in a release of a new version 0.5.60 that incorporates a lot of bugfixes submited by team members.

Posted by Qark 2007-01-21

Version 0.5.60 delayed

Outer Space version 0.5.60 is delayed, because of I have no direct access to the game production server now and thus I cannot make any quick fixed that can be required after an update. I suppose to release update in the second half of Nov.

Posted by Qark 2006-11-06

Server back on-line, turn processing frozen

Thanks to hard word of administrator, the server is back on-line. The turn processing is frozen until Jul 18th, 0:00 UTC to allow everyone to login and check current state of the game.

If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact me.

Posted by Qark 2006-07-17

Server off-line

The server experience RAID driver card failure. Administrator tries to fix the issue as soon as possible. We will keep you informed about a progress of fixing the issue.

We are sorry for any problems caused by this outage.

Posted by Qark 2006-07-17

Server downtime 2006-07-14

The server will be downtime for about two hours between 10:00 and 18:00 UTC.

Posted by Qark 2006-07-14

Server back on-line

The Outer Space server was restored from backup 2006-05-25 04:00 UTC, but to make sure that everything is all-right, the turn processing has been disabled until 2006-05-29 00:00 UTC.

Posted by Qark 2006-05-28

ospace.net server off-line

The upgrade of the server did not proceed as expected and the server is currenlty off-line. The administrator is working hard to get server back on-line.

Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Qark 2006-05-25

Repository migrated to SVN

The source code repository has been migrated from CVS to SVN. See SF.net documentation, if you don't know how to work with it.

The CVS repository is obsolete now.

Posted by Qark 2006-02-26

Server off-line due to provider problems

The Outer Space server is off-line because of our provider has some problems with backbone infrastructure.

Posted by Qark 2006-02-10

Outer Space Release 0.5.55

I'm proud to announce new release built completely from SourceForge sources.

Please use SourceForge Tracker to report any bugs.

- Fixed build system to use py2exe. [Qark]
- This build shall work under Windows 2000/XP correctly [Qark]
- Enabled TAB key in Login, ColorDefinition and Split Fleet dialogs. [lord-silk]
- Unexplored systems are marked with [system]. [lord-silk]
- Construction dialog display number of ships in build queues. [lord-silk]
- Refactored StarMapWidget. [lord-silk]

Posted by Qark 2006-02-05

Website almost complete

The website has been upgraded to MediaWiki and its content is almost complete except for screenshots and help sections. Anderuso formated FAQ created by Tzargoth and included them in the main site. I'm looking for people able to help me to revise and fix both FAQ and help pages.

Posted by Qark 2006-01-24

Sources imported into CVS

Sources of game and forum client, tech viewver, game server and all utilitities have been imported into CVS.

Posted by Qark 2006-01-04

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