Hi Carl, I'm not sure I understand, would you mind helping me clearing things up? I'm currently in the process of cleaning the bug/feature requests tracker, so this could be a nice proposal once i understand it!

> The more general problem is getting prior alarms a day or two before

You can set the alarm time in the "Advanced" tab for the task. Just set it to 24h, the alarm will ring 24h before the event. Or do you mean something else?

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2013/10/15 52midnight <info@52midnight.com>

Hi, alarms in Osmo actually work. You can test by setting an alarm in a task's properties window to remind you of an upcoming appointment. Is that what you're looking for?

Yes; as I said, I've managed to get a one-time beep using Osmo. The more general problem is getting prior alarms a day or two before. This is obviously a matter of personal use/preference; some will see it as overkill, given Osmo's minimalist approach, others (like myself) who want a flexible alarm facility that can be relied upon for important reminders would appreciate it.

Up to the development crew. If enough think it's worthwhile, I could post a preliminary spec to serve as a coding guide.

Otherwise forget it.

If you just want something that ring alarms at a specific time, I suggest you take a look at alarm-clock-applet (http://packages.debian.org/fr/sid/alarm-clock-applet).

Thanks, I'll take a look.