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Sprint 9.09

IPHONE, LDAP, WMI, TAGS, TRAPS SNMP …Who can provide you more functionality?

You can see the last Osmius Sprint here:



Posted by Jesus Carlos Pancorbo 2009-10-07

Deadline for Osmius 9.07 commited

July, the 25th is the "D" day.

This is the definitive Professional Monitoring System.
And we're opening Osmius to monitor more than IT systems...

Posted by jlmarina 2009-06-20

Osmius: New Release 9.01

Osmius: The Open Source Monitoring Tool is C++ and Java. Monitor "everything" connected to a network with incredible performance. Create and integrate Business Services, SLAs and ITIL processes such as availability management and capacity planning.

Osmius 9.01 passed the funtional and stress tests!
In this version you'll find:
- Server "one button click" installers
- Linux master agent installers (solaris and windows are comming).
- SLA management with planned interruptions and time shifts.
- ITIL: Availability and Capacity Plannning.
- User Defined Events: SNMP and commands.
- Notifications: Be informed by SMS, email. Jabber...... read more

Posted by jlmarina 2009-02-27

Osmius 9.01 is coming to town

The next sprint to get Osmius 9.01 release is going to start the next week. We will put our effort for giving it robustness and reliability and getting the new generation software monitoring: "Yes, Osmius can".

Posted by Jesus Carlos Pancorbo 2009-01-09

snmp, postgress and scripts available

In the new internal version of Osmius we have now up and running Osmius agents tahn can monitor:
- snmp capable items.
- postgress databases
- execute user scripts

These'll be available to everyone in Osmius 9.01 (January, 29th 2009)

Posted by jlmarina 2009-01-07

Osmius 9.01: Second sprint done!!

As promised every month we are doing one 3 weeks sprint to get to the killer monitoring application: Osmius 9.01.

Name of the sprint: Do it your self!

Main features implemented in this sprint are:
- Create your own events using SNMP protocol or your own old or new scripts and commands.
- Capacity planning ITL: Identify new needs within your infrastructure.

More here:

Posted by jlmarina 2008-12-20

Osmius: 9.01 beta available for download

Osmius: The Open Source Monitoring Tool is C++ and Java. Monitor "everything" connected to a network with incredible performance. Create and integrate Business Services, SLAs and ITIL processes such as availability management and capacity planning.

A beta in Osmius means that everything has worked in our tests but it is not yet a final release.

Check it out under Osmius downloads.

Relase notes:

Posted by jlmarina 2008-12-03

Osmius 9.01 - Sprint 1 Finished

The first sprint of the new Osmius 9.01 release is history.

Some of the new feature are:
- Solaris 10 monitoring.
- Planned down times.
- New overview screen.

You can read all of the new features in:


Posted by jlmarina 2008-11-28

Osmius user manual

Documenting is also a developer task, isn't it?


It is also in Spanish and French

Posted by jlmarina 2008-11-25

Osmius new release date

Osmius 9.01 will be the next main release and we will upload it here on January, the 31th of 2009.

This release comes with lot of new functionalities such as:
- Solaris support.
- Third party integrations
- SNMP capabilities.
- User defined events.
- Dataware House capabilities.
- Impressive performance numbers.

... and many more.

We are working hard of this version so Osmius can be very easy for you to install and to manage, without resing any feature or performance goals.

Posted by jlmarina 2008-11-23

Osmius Wiki Documentation

We've centralized the Osmius manuals and documentation in the new Wiki at:

Thanks, DokuWiki

Posted by jlmarina 2008-09-03

Osmius 8.07 Released

Finally we did it!
The new Osmius version is here with a "one-click-button" installer to make things easier to no-make-compiler users.
We've added a lot of functionality so he hope you'll enjoy it as much as we've done designing and developing it.

Posted by jlmarina 2008-07-24

Osmius 8.07 Commited July, 25th 2008

Yes, we're commited to release on....

July 25th 2008.

This is our real competitive version the beta looks great so lets see the 25th. ;)

Posted by jlmarina 2008-06-27

Osmius 8.01 is here

Version 8.01 has been released!!

Posted by jlmarina 2008-02-15

Osmius 8.01 ScreenShots

Screenshots with new look available for your eyes...

Posted by jlmarina 2008-02-13

Osmius 8.01 alpha released

Now we are fully developing under Scrum methology, and so, we are releasing almost every month.
In four week we'll release 8.01

Posted by jlmarina 2008-01-10

Growing up

We're pushing Osmius up by making:
- An stable and usefull Java console.
- New agents.
- Linux
- IP (http, ftp, dns, ping,...)
- Oracle
- MySql

This is working!

Posted by jlmarina 2007-06-16

Brand new Web page

The old web page in sourceforge has been redirected to http://www.osmius.net

Enjoy it. We like it very much!

Posted by jlmarina 2006-10-03

Last update until the end of holidays

Yep. We do have holidays, so I've uploaded the last changes.
The agents are working properly and now we have to revisit some of the Master Agent code.
I hope to release 1.0 version in a month or so.
Stay tuned (If you want) ;)

Posted by jlmarina 2006-08-18

The 1.0 version is near

Until that moment I've uploaded the new code and the doxygen documentation.
Keep working.

Posted by jlmarina 2006-08-02

New features under developement

After the master agent and the central server we've started with the first basic agent.

Posted by jlmarina 2006-05-18

Home Page with Doxigen available

Where working hard on having a more than decent Osmius page. Until then we've updated the home page in Sourceforge with an Intro to Osmius and the Doxigen generated documentation.

Posted by jlmarina 2006-05-14


We've started using subversion. The master agent is now available for you to download here. Comments are welcome.

Posted by jlmarina 2006-04-18

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