Osmius WebApp isn't available...

  • paradonym

    paradonym - 2011-02-22

    I'm going to install Osmius Server in an VMware OpenSuse 11.2 (x86) machine to test it for bigger a bigger monitoring solution.
    The installation is successful, but when I install the server with the local IP ( for example - from Terminal-> ifconfig), the WebApp isn't available…
    When I install the server on or localhost the WebApp is available, but only inside the VM.
    When I install the server on the IP from ifconfig, the WebApp isn't available either in the VM or outside the VM.

    How can I install Osimus to make the WebApp also available outside the VM?
    The VM is configured as "bridged network" to have another IP inside the VM…

    (…sry for my english… I'm a german apprentice. If anything is unintelligible, ask me…)

  • Manuel Fraga

    Manuel Fraga - 2011-02-22


    Firstly thanks for using Osmius.

    We have installed many Osmius servers in virtual environments with "bridget network" and has never happened what you tell us. There is no restriction on Osmius to limit access to the WebApp from the host where it is deployed. Could it be a route or IP problem?

    1.- Are you using the one-click installer?
    2.- Are you installing Osmius 11.01?
    3.- Is there any firewall installed? Is 8080 port of the address  reachable  from another machine of the network? Please, try "ping" and "nmap -p 8080" from another machine.
    4.- Do you see the Tomcat page if you connect to
    5.- Can you see any errors in /opt/osmius/ apache-tomcat/logs at Osmius server machine?
    6.- To rule out errors of Osmius installer can configure as Osmius server IP address to force Osmius listen on all network interfaces.

    Please let us know the progress on this issue,


  • paradonym

    paradonym - 2011-02-22

    1.-2. Yes I'm installing osmius_server_linux32_installer_11.01.0_Community.bin as described in the "getting started.pdf" - Does the installer install all dependencies he need like mysql,  apache2, php5?

    3. No, I just installed OpenSuse Enterprice Server 11.2 and all dependencies the most Monitoring-tools need (like php5, mySQL, apache2, aso.) Just to have a VM I can clone for every monitoring-tool I compare with osmius and nagios… Ping is ok.
    nmap says, port 8080 is open.

    4.In the terminal I've checked for the running services - tomcat apache2 and mysql are started
    Apache2 is running and working tomcat page and apache2 page are available, but also only in th VM. When I open I get an apache error 404 "The requested resource (/osmius) is not available." - outside the VM the isn't available

    5. I couldn't find a folder called logs in /opt/osmius/apache-tomcat/

    6. How do I change the server IP in an installation of Osmius? Or do I have to install it on a new VM?

  • Manuel Fraga

    Manuel Fraga - 2011-02-23


    - The one-click installer installs all dependencies that Osmius needs, except net-snmp and nmap.
    - Apache 2 and php5 are not requirements for Osmius to work, the webapp is developed in Java
    - You say that when you connect to port 8080 on the machine you receive an Apache error 404. Osmius doesn't use Apache.
    - Try to stop apache2 and mysql. Then "/etc/init.d/osmius stop" and finally "/etc/init.d/osmius start". Is it working now?
       - If not, be sure Tomcat is listening on port 8080. Can you find this "<Connector port="8080" in /opt/osmius/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml?
    - If you can't still connect unistall apache2 and mysql and reinstall Osmius


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