osmius install 11.01.0 fails

  • Tim Audenaert

    Tim Audenaert - 2011-01-11


    the osmius_server_win32_installer_11.01.0_Community.exe installation seems to fail.
    I see the following error:
    Unkwown error while running C:/program files/osmius/mysql/bin/mysql.exe -h localhost -p 3306 -u root -ppassword -e "source c:/program files/osmius/osmius/database/osm_create11.01.sql"
    I think there should be a 'space' between -p and the actual password. Al database scripts fail.

    kind regards,
    Tim Audenaert

  • Anonymous - 2011-01-11

    Hi Tim, thanks for trying Osmius.

    The -p parameter for the password has no space, so that isn't the problem.  We have tested the installer with different windows and we haven't that problem. Could you send us more information (the log file, windows version, etc.) to try to identify the cause of the problem.

    Best regard, Osmius support team

  • Tim Audenaert

    Tim Audenaert - 2011-01-12


    I think the problem was caused by an old database instance. The operating system was windows server 2003.

    kind regards,

    Tim Audenaert

  • Manuel Fraga

    Manuel Fraga - 2011-01-12

    Hi Tim,

    What is your Service Pack version?
    How much RAM is in your system? Often not enough RAM can cause problems in the installation process


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