Windows port permissions, which direction.

  • afpteam

    afpteam - 2011-06-14


    I'm wanting to try Osmius on two systems which both sit behind tight firewalls which block both incoming and outgoing traffic at two different locations.   I've looked over installation, help and forums but I cannot determine which ports Server or Client specifically need open in which direction.

    I'm wanting to do RTT testing by TCP as neither of these systems have ICMP permitted either :(

    Can someone suggest a Server / agent pair that might get passed this reliably and if so which ports need access in which direction so I can request firewall permissions.  I'd like to avoid tunneling if at all possible.

    Thank you for any suggestions.


  • afpteam

    afpteam - 2011-06-15



  • Manuel Fraga

    Manuel Fraga - 2011-06-15


    Osmius default port configuration is the following

    Server: 2001, 2002
    Master Agent: 1950, 1951, 1971 and 1972

    But remember that you can change these settings.

    See the following graph, I hope this helps you


  • afpteam

    afpteam - 2011-06-15

    Perfect !!

    Thank you.  I think I'm going to like this system. :)


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