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OSM2PostGIS / News: Recent posts

Fixed a serious bug with insertion of data

Although updating data and detecting changes in data worked in revision 71, insertion of new data unfortunately did not. This was caused by a misplaced time zone handling statement that only affected inserts.

Of course I was so busy testing updates that the bug with inserts slipped through. My apologies for not correcting this sooner.

The bug (ID: 2965468) was fixed in revision 72 and insertion of new data is working again.... read more

Posted by Sakari A. Maaranen 2010-03-09

Testing change detection

Detecting if OSM data has changed has a few tricks and quirks.

- Firstly, the data is not always complete (with missing fields), so we can't always compare all the fields.
- Secondly, there are plenty high precision floating point values and even the smallest rounding error can cause false positives.
- Thirdly, processing all the timestamps needs to be done in UTC.
- And of course we don't want to replace more recent data with its older version (when we know the OSM data primitive version.)... read more

Posted by Sakari A. Maaranen 2010-03-07

Skipping unchanged data seems to work now.

The revision 68 should now be able to detect if any of the OSM primitives have actually changed and skip writing when there's no need. This check did not work at all with OSM changesets before. Now it should.

If you have built a database using a previous version of OSM2PostGIS, and you don't want to rebuild from scratch, you must add the status column to these four tables: osm_changesets, osm_nodes, osm_ways, and osm_relations.... read more

Posted by Sakari A. Maaranen 2010-03-06

Configurable target relational model

Fully configurable target layers support has been added to OSM2PostGIS revision 53. The user can now configure the relation names (database tables) and attribute names (database columns) in the feature specification file. The attributes can be configured independently for each table or layer.

Posted by Sakari A. Maaranen 2010-02-28

A total makeover for the project web unveiled

Check out the new look for OSM2PostGIS Project Web at

Posted by Sakari A. Maaranen 2010-02-18

Area and line geometry separated

Today's release of OSM2PostGIS (2010-02-01, svn rev. 19) has been tested (fully visualized) using GeoServer 2.0.1. It produces separate geometries for areas (land use, buildings) and lines (roads).
A major bug with the projection was found and fixed.
Little by little the quality is approaching something that could be given an official version number, but we're not quite there yet.

Posted by Sakari A. Maaranen 2010-01-31