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Toys for the OpenSceneGraph / News: Recent posts

Official repo is now at GitHub

This SourceForge repo is now frozen. Any future development will occur at

Posted by Mike Weiblen 2015-10-25

3rdPary libraries available from SVN

The official distribution source for the prebuilt OSG win32 3rdParty dependency libraries is here in the osgToy SVN

Posted by Mike Weiblen 2007-12-26

CVS repository now closed

The osgToy source tree has moved from CVS to Subversion (SVN) and this CVS repository will no longer be updated.

Future development will occur in the new SVN repository, see

-- mew

Posted by Mike Weiblen 2007-05-03

CVS frozen, migrating to SVN

Effective immediately, the CVS is frozen. In process of migrating to SVN, where future development will occur.
-- mew

Posted by Mike Weiblen 2007-04-22

Latest stuff is in CVS

Please note that the latest versions of all osgToy files are in CVS. Packaged release of osgToy are rare, especially since osgToy is included in the full OSG win32 binary installer at

Posted by Mike Weiblen 2006-05-26

osgVRPN moved into osgToy

The CVS tree for osgVRPN has been added as a separate module under osgToy.

Posted by Mike Weiblen 2005-11-09