OSG 2.* & Max 2008

  • Garry Keltie

    Garry Keltie - 2008-01-10

    Hi Guys,

    I realise that it is prime holiday time right now for the NZ HitLab but in case anyone is beating the heat with office life I'll punt a couple of questions to this forum.

    Would any current developer be considering a push to compile:

    - against OSG 2.* in a near future roadmap?
    - against 3DS Max 2008 in a near future roadmap?

    I have managed to compile the released 0.9.4 version of the distribution with only minor changes to some source files and project settings. Running Max and doing a couple of simple exports seems to not cause any serious disasters so far although its hardly stress testing!

    I can submit my changes but FWIW:


          //osgGA/GUIEventAdapter may have changed
    68    setInputRange( _s_Xmin, _s_Xmax, _s_Ymin, _s_Ymax);
    69    //setXmin(_s_Xmin);
    70    //setXmax(_s_Xmax);
    71    //setYmin(_s_Ymin);
    72    //setYmax(_s_Ymax);


    Added #include <osg/Switch> to make a lot of errors go away


          //needs the extra options parameter
    513   osgDB::Registry::instance()->writeNode(*rootTransform, filename, osgDB::Registry::instance()->getOptions());
    514   //osgDB::Registry::instance()->writeNode(*rootTransform, filename);

    One thing I wouldn't mind knowing how to do is building a static version of OSG.. Perhaps I can tweak CMake again.



    • Joran Jessurun

      Joran Jessurun - 2008-01-10

      Hello Garry,

      Max 2008 is something I am planning to look at soon. OSG 2.* is another story.

      The changes you mention, is that for compiling using OSG 2.*? Or compiling it agains Max 2008?

      I must admit that since the change to cmake and the leaving of Don and the change to OSG 2.*, I didn't dare to update to the latest release anymore. The main reason is that I don't know how the static linking support is in OSG 2.*. At the time I have put some work to add complete static linking support to OSG, but that was added to the Visual Studio Project files. Can those still be used to compile OSG? Or otherwise adding something to the CMake build file (I have never looked at that or tried it), would be something that should be done. Maybe it is time for me to look at the new OSG.

      In general I like a build system without the Visual Studio Project files. That could probably make the building of the OSGMaxExp also easier. Any suggestions?

      Greetings, Joran.

      • Garry Keltie

        Garry Keltie - 2008-01-10

        Hi Joran,

        Yes, the released version of OSG at 2.2.0. There were no warnings or errors pertaining to Max 2008. In debug & release it was pretty straight forward. There are project lib/include paths for producer but I don't think they are really used or at least the osgviewer fills the gap transparently enough. I was surprised.

        CMake seemed pretty easy to use, I don't how complicated it is to setup though. I wonder however, if your target is 3DS Max and VS*, whether Cmake offers that much that a base level workspace/project couldn't manage unless your solution got pretty complicated.



    • Gammer Max

      Gammer Max - 2008-03-24

      Visual Studio 2005 SP1
      3D max 2008

      The code works fine. Thanks)

    • rickyviking

      rickyviking - 2009-02-03

      Hi there,

      Also I have compiled and run the exporter successfully with:

      3D Max 2008
      Visual Studio 2005 SP1

      Unfortunately, I've had no luck with Multi-Material objects:
      - the first material (stateSet + geometry) is correctly exported
      - the subsequent generates a good stateSet, but it completely skip the uv Texture Coordinates into the related geometry, hence the texture are not shown.

      I've tried to check the exporter code, but it's hard to spot any error at first sight...
      I guessed from the code that in case a uv mapping is not found, a TexGen should be created instead, but it's not the case in my osg file.

      Any idea?


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