Max 2009 support

  • Selman Duatepe

    Selman Duatepe - 2008-07-10

    Hi everyone,

    Are there any support of osg Max Eporter for Studio Max 2009?


    Selman Duatepe

    • Joran Jessurun

      Joran Jessurun - 2008-07-11


      I am not sure if the current code exports well for Max 2009, I haven't tried it yet. I even haven't tried it yet for Max 2008. Currently at our department we are still using Max 9. But, I feel an upgrade of software coming somewhere the coming months and then I will be working on an installer for the newer version of Max. But that could be 2008 or 2009 depending on what is chosen.

      But you are free to try to compile it yourself.

      An new release of the exporter will not be within 3 months. (Except when I get some outside help).

      Greetings, Joran.

    • Ronny V. Vindenes

      osgmaxexp compiles fine against the Max 2009 SDK, we have been using it extensively for a couple of months

    • André Tomasi

      André Tomasi - 2008-08-28

      Ronny, could you please post the plugin you compiled for Max 2009? I don´t have VS installed at the moment and I´m desperately needing to export some models to OSG.. would appreciate if you could help.

      [ ]´s

      André Tomasi

    • André Tomasi

      André Tomasi - 2008-08-28

      By the way, my email is


    • hilmar hermens

      hilmar hermens - 2008-09-10

      Hi Ronny. Could you provide me also with the OSGExp.dle and OSGHelper.dlo for Max2008/2009? 

      Thanks in advance,

      Hilmar.  (

    • Pavel Frolov

      Pavel Frolov - 2008-11-06

      Hi Ronny, could you send binary of OSGExp for Max2009?

      Pavel. (

    • Pedro Clemente

      Pedro Clemente - 2008-11-13

      Hi Ronny!

      I want the same. could you send me binary of OSGExp for Max2009?
      Thanks in advance,

      Pedro (

    • Joran Jessurun

      Joran Jessurun - 2008-11-13

      Hello All,

      Hold on tight, but I think that there will soon be a download available with Max 2009 support. (Within the next two weeks).

      Greetings, Joran.

    • Pavel Voitukhovski

      Hi All,

      Could someone send OSGExp binaries for MAX2009?

      Pavel (


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