This exporter does not support the material defined by V-Ray render

  • jmcxb

    jmcxb - 2013-06-28

    My environment is 3DMax2012 + V-Ray.2.0.SP1.for.3dsmax.2012.64 + Exporter 1.1.0(64bit)
    When i try to export the scene to osgb,the objects which material are defined by V-Ray will fail.
    Open the result with the osgviewer.exe,they look like lose the map.
    And i found 2 keypoints make it fail:
    1.Set "FallOff" to the map.
    2.The object has no map,but it is defined by the Parameters called "Diffuse".Set the color of diffuse.
    I will send you some screenshot if necessary.thx.

    • Stephan

      Stephan - 2014-04-14

      If you working with V-ray, you should know, that it's NOT suported by any other engine - only on V-ray. If you export the same file in to the unity(for example) - you'll get the same problem with v-ray ;)
      P.S.: Sorry for my English)


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