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RSS feeds repaired, the fight with spambots seems to reach the end

After server crash at the end of 2012, the site is being repaired from Feb.-Mar. 2013 until now. Now the wiki is being filled with info (some of which is restored from, and parts of Forum too. So, welcome to our new site! Also, until now, some code were committed to the repo (namely, fat32.ifs with FORMAT routine enabled (by valerius), and also commits by Viking, fixing some problems with build system under linux etc.)

Posted by Valery V.Sedletski 2014-06-27 Labels: site repairs commits

A presentation of osFree on CC'2011

August 28, osFree team member Vadim Priluzkiy (aka Oxyd) has demonstrated osFree OS/2 personality working together with l4linux over L4 microkernel. The presentation was carried out during the Chaos Constructions'2011 yearly Computer Art Festival. (, the presentation video is here:

Posted by Valery V.Sedletski 2011-10-27

Recent activity

We have linked our channels #osfree @ eCSNet and #osfree @ EFNet. All messages in one channel are translated to another channel. Also we reviewing our release and development position to be more effective. As always we are welcom new developers in many areas (DOS/WIN16 and OS/2 subsystems)

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2010-01-31


Registration in forums at site is enbled recently. Please report forum bugs and render problems to us in " site" forum.

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2009-09-05

0.0.4 release

We released this preview to show actual possibility of LX executables (native OS/2 executable file format) to be run on top of L4. Output from LX executable is "I am really small!" phrase. Other things is debug output. Our executable uses msg.dll which uses doscalls.dll. So, linking also works. Also we present here osFree loader which allow to load as Multiboot compatible kernels as native OS/2 kernel. Loader is moduler and easy to extend. Next release will provide some interactive like directory browsing and files execution. See roadmap at for more info.

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2009-09-03

New logo and site fixes

We replaced our old logo by new modern one. Thanks to Alexander Kramer for this work. Also we fixed small annoying bugs in our CMS. Thanks to Kim Haverblad for the help.

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2009-07-02

Better news service at #osFree

Starting from now irc:// channel supports rss news translation to channel. You will see any changes of project immediatly. Thanks to Yoda for bot extending.

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2009-06-17

EFNet bots changed

EFNet bots osfreebot and osfree is dead. We are glad to present new bot: osFree2. Thanks to Yoda for bot hosting.

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2009-04-25

FreePM project now part of osFree project

FreePM project now part of osFree project. All source base now in osFree SVN and some goals slightly changed (like SOM interfaces instead of C++ interfaces and binary level compatibility instead of source level compatibility). Most of services disabled and now osFree project services musy be used. Thanks to Evgen Kotsuba for the help.

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2009-04-08

New team member

Vadim (Oxyd) Priluzkiy joined to osFree project. Welcome here!

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2009-02-19 news now duplicated at

Starting from now project news from shown on main page of

Posted by Yuri Prokushev 2008-09-03