#48 automatic vat line in journal


When input a transaction in the journal it would be an advantage if automatically a vat line is posted depending on the ledger account of the inputline. In this ledger account master file should be stated that this vataccount is standard for this account.

Alternatively it could be so that automatically journal lines are made depending on the ledger account in the input journal line. Advantage would be that this solution can be used for a various of other issues.

For example:
Input line journal: ledger account 8020000, euro 119,00

There is a master file input by the user:
when 8020000 is posted, automatically post 8020000 @1250000 for 15,9664%

Automatic generated lines:
8020000 euro 19,00
@ 1250000 euro 19,00


  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2007-09-24

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    I see it this way.

    1 In the Edit Accounts form you can link 1 tax account. IF you do so then only bookings with this tax account can be done on the ledger.

    2 When checking the ledgers postings it will raise a error if the linked tax account is not used. (this way we ensure consistency.

    3 In a journal this tax account is selected as default and if no tax is selected for this account it will raise a error.

    4 Also you cannnot change the tax account (either by error or just making the field readonly)

    We already know the diverence between inc and excl that is no problem. Also the split of the tax is inplace so all we need to do is check to see if the account hase a linked tax and if so check to see if this account is used.

  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2007-09-24
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  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2009-01-11

    You can set default accounts for debtors and creditors
    that will be selected in the batch

    Has been fixed in release +
    Please check and confirm

  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2009-01-11
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