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OSFinancials, used as salesorder system with dutch tax.

There is a difference between the printed tax (which is the ftaxamount in the dochead, equal to the invoice totals line in transact) and tax per line which is used for the tax account (both in docline and transact.

Taxpercentage = 19%
two lines from an order, retrieved from Transactions:
Product Line 1: -46.50 (inclusive -8.84 tax)
Product Line 2: -7.50 (inclusive -1.43 tax)
Invoice totals: 64.26 (inclusive 10.26 tax)

The Tax account reports 10,26 on this invoice where the tax report gives 10,27.

I would suggest to change the tax total in the invoice total to the sum of the separate lines, which in my case is 10,27.


  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2010-01-24

    You will have to set merge tax of the same account per line
    and make sure the line items have atleast 4 digets

    1 is done in (dutch) instellen->Administratie->Voorraad beheer
    Merge items on ledger (Samen voegen boekingen met zelfde btw naar grootboeken)
    2 look it up at Instellingen->voorkeuren->Dataparmeters Document rijen bij aantallen

  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2010-01-24
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  • Bart van Doesburg

    I will change my settings and check again.

  • Bart van Doesburg

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  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2010-03-02
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  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2010-03-02

    This is just a setting (how many decimals per row line.) in data parameters
    Remember some of us sell stuff of a view cents on Exc basis there its not really handy.

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