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SITUATION IDENTIFIED IN: printing 'balans' report: it prints only some characters


PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Installed OSF yesterday. Entered data for 2008. I can see the correct report on screen when selecting 'screen' in report dialog. But when I try to print by clicking the print button in the report window or selecting 'print' in the report dialog, the printer waits for 5 minutes or so and then prints some characters. See attached file. The printer driver is not at stake here I think since selecting a pdf printer (results in pdf without any characters) or the MS document image writer (hangs) also fails.

SPECIFIC PARAMETER SETUP: I chose 4 periods for 2008 iso 12.

STEPS TO BE FOLLOWED: enter data for 2008. Try to print 'balans' report.

OBSERVED RESULT: the printer waits for 5 minutes and then prints some characters.

EXPECTED RESULT: the report with data I entered

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Other reports prints ok. I have an HP C4180 printer.


  • aiso

    aiso - 2009-03-02

    scan printer output

  • Domé Giuliano

    Domé Giuliano - 2009-04-15

    Diffrent reports where messed up in the early 3.x versions.
    These are being solved in the upcoming version
    Please check and report back.

  • Domé Giuliano

    Domé Giuliano - 2009-04-15
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