#234 'winst en verlies rekening' report does not show last year

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SITUATION IDENTIFIED IN: when issuing 'winst en verlies rekening' report


PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: I just downloaded osfinancials and entered data for 2008. Now all reports show my data except for the 'winst en verlies rekening': it only shows zeros, whatever option I check in the report dialog. Now I found a strange workaround: when selecting the begin date for the report a popup will show with 4 options (I chose 4 periods for 2008). Now if I don't select a date but close the popup the report dialog now (incorrectly) show '1e kwartaal 2007' (iso '1e kwartaal 2008') -> this is also bugworthy. Now the report shows the correct data. So for the period '1-1-2008/31-12-2008' it won't show the data but for period '1-1-2007/31-12-2008' it will.

SPECIFIC PARAMETER SETUP: I chose 4 periods for 2008 iso 12

STEPS TO BE FOLLOWED: enter data for 2008. make a 'winst en verlies rekening' report

OBSERVED RESULT: it will show nothing but zeros.

EXPECTED RESULT: that is shows your data.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: other reports work correctly. The 'show last year' option does not help. This is again observed when uninstalling, removing the 'osfinancials' directory in 'Program Files', reinstalling and reentering the data.


  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2012-10-06

    Do you mean you are expecting a posting to be on this account (Viewed true Taccountviewer)
    This is a calculated account. Else please check the latest version.
    To see 2008 you can select that year in the totalviewer.

  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2012-10-06
    • status: open --> pending-works-for-me
  • PieterValentijn

    PieterValentijn - 2014-05-30
    • status: pending-works-for-me --> closed
    • assigned_to: PieterValentijn
    • Group: --> 01._Received

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