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To add a TLV you simply need to modify the hrl files in order to support it.  In smpp_pdu.hrl you will find that there is a declaration for every PDU.  Basically you define the command id, the list of mandatory parameters and the list of TLVs.  Add your TLVs to that list and you are done.  First you will need to add your TLV definitions in smpp_param.hrl.

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I've been using OSERL 1.1 for some time now. I know there's a later version and have downloaded the code from CVS, but haven't had time to upgrade my software to work with it. I can't see how to use vendor-specific TLVs. As far as I can see, OSERL rejects any TLV that is not an optional TLV listed in the SMPP V5.0 spec, including those with 16#1400 vendor-specific codes. Can anyone tell me how to use vendor-specific TLVs with OSERL (other than modifying source code)? Any help would be much appreciated.

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