convert oserl1.1 to act as smpp server

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    How to convert oserl1.1 to act as smpp server?

    • Enrique Marcote Peńa

      OSERL provides both ESME and SMSC behaviours.  To implement a SMSC you can use the smsc_skel as a starting point.

      Please find the link to this smsc_skel and a test_smsc in section 4.2 at:

      There's also a slight introduction to gen_esme and gen_smsc behaviours in section 13.

      Even not released yet, the latest version at the CVS provides a logging utility you may find useful (we are already using it).

      Any further information explaining the problems you are facing, will be of a great help for us to give you more concrete responses.  Thank you.

      Best regards,



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