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Where to store messages

  • Robert Mircea

    Robert Mircea - 2008-12-31


    1. How/Where do you store or queue your messages to be sent to SMSC or received from SMSC in production applications? Do you use Mnesia? How does it scale under high load and multiple sessions?

    2. Is there any example on how to use multiple sessions for the same SMSC account in order to send messages simultaneously?


    • Enrique Marcote Peńa


      1. Myself I´ve implemented a disk queue data structure with priorities based on DETS.  Initially this data structures were out of the scope of OSER, but I´m planning to add this disk queues to the common_lib on the next release, in case is useful for someone else.

      On my laptop (ibook G4) it runs around 5000 in/out operations per second.

      2. No there is not but should not complicated.  Start as many sessions as you need.  Keep the Pids in a list and send messages in round robin for instance.  (If you want, you can post some code and comment upon it).

      Kind regards,



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