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smpp_sm:destination_port/1 not working ?

  • Arsénio Costa

    Arsénio Costa - 2010-11-10

    I can't seem to get the smpp_sm:destination_port to working, im currently connected to a smsc simulator configured to route back to my ESME all the pdu's submitted (SMPPSIM).

    I've created a binary message and sent it, i can check that it is correct by looking at the smpp data in wireshark,
    this is a non concatenated message, so what i get back in my ESME is the following PDU.

    And when i try to get a destination or source port i get the error: ** exception error: no function clause matching smpp_sm:ie(4,,1)

    Does the utility function  smpp_sm:originator_port, takes in consideration that the udh is not only used for concatenation but also for port addressing  as refered in page 60 ?

    If so, what am i doing wrong ?

    Arsenio Costa

  • Arsénio Costa

    Arsénio Costa - 2010-11-10

    Forgot to mention that to build the Pdu im building the Pdu body params list using the smpp_sm:port_addressing_16 bits

    smpp_sm:port_addressing_16(, DestPort, SourcePort),

    Also i've connected to a smsc gateway (nowsms) which is connect to some gsm modens, and verified that the message is sent and recieved on my phone application, just need to solve this problem to have both directions working (submit_sm, deliver_sm :p) 

    Arsénio Costa


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