OSDL 0.5 released!

We are proud to announce the 0.5.0 version of the OSDL library.
Main changes are:

* PhysicsFS integrated
* first support of SDL_mixer and, to a lesser extent, Agar, added
* use of OpenGL generalized
* enhanced scheduler (still lots of improvements coming)
* support for some operations on the Nintendo DS added (ex: MP3 play-back on the ARM7)
* Windows port of OSDL and LOANI
* first works onto Orge (Erlang-based OSDL RPG Engine) added
* license extended, went from pure LGPL to disjunctive bi-license LGPL/GPL. It allows developers using GPL software to use OSDL as well
* integration to the Ceylan 0.7 version

For more details, see the ChangeLog file or go to http://osdl.sourceforge.net/OSDL-0.5/ChangeLog.html.

Feel free to download latest LOANI archive (ex :
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/osdl/LOANI-0.6.tar.bz2\) to test OSDL 0.5.

Support available through the osdl-support@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list.

Report OSDL bugs to the osdl-bugs@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list.

Homepage at http://osdl.sourceforge.net


Wondersye, on Sunday, April 5, 2009.

Posted by Olivier Boudeville 2009-04-05

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