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OSDL 0.4 released !

we are proud to announce the 0.4.0 version of the OSDL library.

OSDL 0.4 is for the moment GNU/Linux only, and offers about the same features as the 0.3 version, but its build system has been completely revamped.

OSDL 0.4 is somewhat an intermediary version, between the 0.3 which was truely ancient (dated back to 2005 Q3), and the upcoming OSDL versions, that should add the Windows XP support and the XML management with OpenGL of tilesets for animated sprites.

Main OSDL 0.4 changes are :

* SVN used instead of CVS

* the Autotools are used, instead of custom-made GNUMakefiles

* integration to the Ceylan 0.5 version

* OSDL scheduler robustified and enhanced a lot

* numerous tests improved (full test suite added), and many bugs fixed

Feel free to download latest LOANI archive (ex :\) to test OSDL 0.4.

Support available through the mailing list.

Report OSDL bugs to the mailing list.

Homepage at

Enjoy !

Wondersye, on Friday, March 30, 2007.

Posted by Olivier Boudeville 2007-03-30

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