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OSDB version 0.90 (alpha) released!

We are thrilled to announce that version 0.90 of OSDB is ready for download! 0.90 is an ALPHA package that demonstrates the new C++ framework for OSDB. There are a few key features that are incomplete in 0.90, but it is capable of running the AS3AP benchmarks on a MySQL database. The tarball is available for download at:

If you want to see the bleeding edge of OSDB development, head over to our SVN repository and grab the latest source! The C++ version of OSDB is constantly evolving, and we would love to get your feedback on the forums, mailing lists, or the tracker.... read more

Posted by Bill Bartig 2010-12-22

Planned transition to C++

Shortly after William took on this project last fall, it became apparent that one of the biggest obstacles in OSDB's development was how difficult it could be for new developers to jump in.

Consequently, a few more developers have been recruited to help improve the design behind OSDB over the next few months. Miriam Hauptman, Brian Kendzior and Jessica Bartig will all be joining William on the project.... read more

Posted by Indignance 2010-09-21

Version 0.21 released!

We have fixed a handful of problems, notably with SQL syntax for embedded SQL tests and handling for the --watch and --restrict switches.

Posted by Andy Riebs 2006-01-11

OSDB version 0.18 released!

This version corrects a problem with data generation in the MySQL versions of OSDB.

Posted by Andy Riebs 2005-02-13

OSDB version 0.17 has been released!

Featuring new ports to DataBlitz and Oracle, and a preliminary Perl implementation in addition to the original MySQL and PostgreSQL support, this is the best iteration of OSDB yet!

This version of OSDB can
- Skip tests that are inappropriate for the database engine
- Run under MPI, for true cluster and multiprocessor benchmarks

New results have been posted in the expected/ directory, suggesting useful ways of invoking OSDB.... read more

Posted by Andy Riebs 2004-10-20

OSDB X0.15-1 springs forth!

The next incremental release of the "unstable" path, X0.15-1, introduces --dbuser and --dbpassword! Never again will you be forced to test your database as the default user with no password!

Posted by Andy Riebs 2003-05-21

Presenting osdb-unstable x0.15-0

What have we been doing for the past year on the OSDB
project? The big pieces of the next release of OSDB are now
available in our new "unstable" kit, x0.15-0, which features
the ability to generate data for testing MySQL and
PostgreSQL database performance. Never again will you
have to download large data files that are still too small
to do real testing!

As we round out the functionality and fix the bugs, this
unstable line will morph into the next "stable" release,
OSDB v0.15. But that's for later. For now, welcome to the
bleeding edge of database performance testing!

Posted by Andy Riebs 2003-05-12

OSDB 0.14 supports MySQL's InnoDB and BDB engines

The OSDB project is delighted to report the
release of OSDB 0.14, the "Lucky" release!

This release introduces support for product-
specific runtime options. Specifically, for
MySQL, we now support the InnoDB and BDB engines
via the "--mysql={innodb | bdb}" option.

For you long-suffering OSDB PostgreSQL users, we
offer "--postgresql=no_hash_index" to work around
the hash index problems of OSDB with PostgreSQL
V7.1 and 7.2.... read more

Posted by Andy Riebs 2002-03-13

OSDB supports MySQL 3.23, PostgreSQL 7.2

The Open Source Database Benchmark Project at is pleased to announce the release of OSDB version 0.12, supporting the latest versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL.

In addition, OSDB version 0.12 features significantly improved portability to non-Linux, non-*BSD platforms, new documentation, and a significant number of bug fixes.

Posted by Andy Riebs 2002-02-21

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