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Mark Townsend

Oscommerce - eDNA Release

eDNA is a branch of osCommerce store front software that has been developed independently by PictureLizard ltd.

It provides many, many improvements for both customers and business owners that have been developed from maintaining a very successful real world store http://www.picturelizard.co.uk

Over the last 8 years we have improved the store front interface to increase sales through many new updated features based on real customer feedback that aren't available as osCommerce modules.

The back end admin of the site is used by over 25 employees each day to despatch over 250+ orders per shift and hence supports some really clever automation of activities.

Basically if you are running a current online store and suffering with the limitation of how it scales, orders being messed up or just want to increase efficiency then you'll love eDNA.

Thermal labels with barcodes for order management, one-click despatch with best price courier routing, caching of site to reduce database usage... the list goes on and on of much needed features we've added.

Why not start by trying out picturelizard.co.uk and then if you like what you see make you own version by following the Installation Instructions.

And so why are we offering up all our hard work for FREE? Whats the story?

I started picturelizard many moons ago to purely help out my Dad's photographic business, and it has since grown into a monster that I've really enjoyed developing.

It would have been very hard to do it if it wasn't for standing on the back of the osCommerce project and benefiting from that leap forward in the early days.

I've only feed back into the project a few times because I just didn't have the free time, well now I do, and I also think osCommerce needs to keep moving forward as it's a vital tool for young entrepreneurs.

osCommerce gave me complete freedom to work on my terms, and to start from nothing, so now it's your turn now to take advantage of some of that hard work.

If you live in Bath, UK then why not arrange to come in to our development lab, I'm always happy to meet new people and offer some mentoring on e-commerce generally or bounce ideas about new projects we're working on.