Are you talking about an eForm? You can specify whether you want a text line or text box for any input.

On 4/18/07, David Page <> wrote:
I spoke to Jel and he suggested I post the question on the usergroup:

We are new to Oscar so bear with us for now.
One of my group likes to write "longer" summaries than the rest of us
(in part I think its because he can Dragon Dictate easily). His idea is
that when he refers to a specialist, the summary will impart all the
"need to know" information, an example being, not simply having "Breast
Ca 1994" but putting in all the ER status and tumor grading etc.

We have noticed that when we enter information that is wider than the
space provided, that it wraps around to the next line BUT when
transferred to a consult referral letter that it does not "unwrap" to
the longer line available, but it stays in a short width format.

The question really is what do others do (other than doing short
summaries) and is there any desire to put this forward onto a request
list? (to have the summary unwrap into a wider line on the referral form).

Again this might seem trivial to others, but when starting one only
wants to do this work of inputting data once.
I am not sure that having too much on the summary page is a good idea
personally, as I like to see everything with one glance rather than
having to scroll through the different boxes, so maybe there is someone
else out there with a solution?

Is anyone making eforms that wants to discuss experiences?
What we have found is that GIF files make blurred pictures because of
the scaling and one can get around this by using a PNG file at 200dpi.
Problem is the file size is about 1MB per file (which I am choosing to
accept as there will not be too many of these). I find it tricky trying
to choose the image size to give the maximum print size from the
encounter sheet.


David Page

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