The ATC code and the din are stored in the drugs table.   ATC in the ATC column and din in the regional_identifier. 

gcn_seqno shouldn't be used. 

drug_code from health canada isn't used because it might not be consistent between DPD versions.


On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 3:13 PM, Ted Leung <> wrote:
I'm looking through the code and my comprehension of the drugref/drugs table right now is approximately as follows : = drugId which is an auto_increment style column

drugId = drugs.gcn_seqno

drugs.gcn_seqno is the only "id" style column identifying the drug (ignoring the human readable descriptions etc)

If the above is true, that means the gcn_seqno is for the most part useless in terms of finding out which drug is being to refered to right? because the number can change depending on the drug ref installation and or possibly updates to the rows in the drug ref installation right?

am I also correct in that the drug_code and din are never stored in oscar anywhere? (with respect to prescriptions / drugs).
Ted Leung

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