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Oscailt version 3.3 Released

After months of preparation, Oscailt 3.3 has now been released and adds yet more features and improvements since version 3.2 was released back in July last year (2008). The cumulative changes of the three releases since 3.0 has greatly improved the useability of Oscailt through a steady process of evolution of the existing functionality.

As part of this release, the Oscailt features document (oscailt_3x_features.html) has been updated and provided along with the design documentation because previously there was no comprehensive list of what Oscailt can do.

There has been a broad set of changes made in this release and the list belows provides a summary.

1) Added a new image file managing administration screen providing basic info and article links on images published each month.
2) Added a new database table to store editorial actions making it more searchable than the existing logfile.
3) Added a new facility for editors to link translated stories together which will appear then as links on these stories.
4) Added use of shared memory to gather site statistics at page level. Only available if PHP shmop lib installed.
5) Added new functionality to show embedded video as a link to avoid IP tracking by hosting video sites. The setting is controllable through a user preference.
6) Added basic voting mechanism for editors for stories and an ability to define 'promoted' newswires with stories with 1 or more votes.
7) Added new functionality to track status of imported RSS and Atom feeds with a new administration screen to view this.
8) Added back pre Oscailt 3.0 functionality to allow Javascript non-standard site exported news feeds.
9) Added some more spam control mechanisms to publish module.
10) Updated publish form to accept description captions for embedded videos and audios.
11) Updated article module to display five popular social bookmark links for stories.
12) Updated newswire module to allow embedded video or audio to be displayed in the summary section.
13) General improvements and additions to auditing and useability improvements to various administration pages.
14) General improvements to dministration object viewer utility.
15) Various bugfixes

The full list can be found in the file releasenotes.txt ontained in the downloadable zip file.

With this version, users using Oscailt 3.0, 3.1 or 3.2 can and should follow the upgrade instructions rather than going for a full install and would be recommended to upgrade. For those new to Oscailt, then you should do the full install and use the template site that comes with the installation.

To apply this release, please read the README.txt file in the release and follow instructions from there. There is a comprehensive HTML upgrade guide available too.


Oscailt is freely available to use and download under the terms of the GPL.

To download the latest version go to the oscailt project page on sourceforge.

Posted by Terence 2009-04-30

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