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Oscailt version 3.2 Released

Oscailt 3.2 has been released and adds a number of new features and improvements since version 3.1 was released back in Feb earlier this year (2008).

The main theme in this release has been some improvements in multi language support, extra logging info and more extensive support for embedded video and audio.

A summary of the main updates in this release are:
1) Support for publishing multiple embedded videos and audios. These are treated as proper Oscailt attachments now
2) Support to add an embedded audio player to play embedded audio (.mp3 files)
3) Updates of search and events pages to allow more text to be translated.
4) Updates to display text of months and weekdays in multiple languages
5) Bugfix for handling display of ISO-8859-1 characters in translated layout pages and menus
6) Allow event start time to be specified during event publishing
7) New text based numerical captcha for publish form
8) New feature to display system installation info
9) New feature to generate an install log during a full installation
10) New feature to display editorial locks in Oscailt message screen
11) New feature to allow scheduled posting of reminder messages to the Oscailt message screen.
12) New feature to allow directory like entries to two levels in friendly URLs for document objects
13) Updated general user level reporting messages
14) Major update to fix lost session bugs in previous release

With this version, users using Oscailt 3.0 and 3.1 can and should follow the upgrade instructions rather than going for a full install.

The full list can be found in the file releasenotes.txt which are contained in the downloadable zip file.

To apply this release, please read the README.txt file in the release and follow instructions from there.


Oscailt is freely available to use and download under the terms of the GPL.

To download the latest version go to the oscailt project page on sourceforge.

Posted by Terence 2008-07-27

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