Oscailt Version 3.0 Released

Oscailt is an independent media centre content management system developed by the Indymedia Ireland Tech Group, and written using PHP and MySql. The word "Oscailt" is an Irish word meaning "open" and is pronounced kind of like us-kilt or us-cult or us-culch depending upon your accent.

Oscailt 3.0 has been in development for 22 months - the last six months of which were mainly concerned with testing. We advise all users of Oscailt to prepare to upgrade to this version as it fixes a number of security problems in the existing code and adds many new features.

Although the new features are far too many to mention, we believe that this release represents a step forward for IMC codebases in a number of areas.

1. Security and anti-spam measures. Oscailt offers administrators a new seven-layer anti-spam / anti-troll defence system. This is detailed at: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Devel/OscailtAntiSpam

2. A modular architecture that supports flexible plug ins. Some basic information about this is at: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Devel/OscailtDevModules

3. A fully configurable role based access control model which supports user accounts with fine-grained control over permissions.

4. A user preference system which allows users to exercise considerable control over how they view the site.

5. An infinitely flexible management system for building new page layouts - oscailt should be able to implement any conceivable page layout without modifying any HTML or code.

6. A plethora of new syndication related features. Oscailt contains built in feeds of every variety of rss and atom. Each story has an associated feed of comments in all syndication formats. Podcasts from the site include all linked multimedia files. Oscailt also supports easy creation of an infinite number of blog-rolls and imported feeds plus a unique 'import feed story' feature, which allows users to import feed items into their local IMC from any imported feeds with a click of their mouse. An example is at: http://www.indymedia.ie/indymedia_highlights (not yet live on the Irish site btw).

7. A fully intergrated page translation system allowing you to translate all of your pages through the site interface and supporting true transparent multilingual sites.


All of Oscailt's documentation is held on our wiki at: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Devel/Oscailt . Here you can find details on Oscailt's main features, how to install it, and lots more. As with all wikis it's a continuous work in progress so feel free to make or suggest additions and changes.


Oscailt is freely available to use and download under the terms of the GPL.

To download the latest version go to the oscailt project page on sourceforge. http://sourceforge.net/projects/oscailt


Oscailt is a continually evolving codebase and all contributions are welcome. CVS access to the codebase is available at sourceforge.

All discussion concerning Oscailt takes place on the Oscailt Mailing List. Please subscribe if you wish to play a part in Oscailt's future development.

Bear in mind when submitting code that the primary focus of Oscailt is to serve the needs of Indymedia Ireland and this will be the primary factor in deciding whether to integrate submitted code. That said, the needs of Indymedia Ireland probably overlap a great deal with the needs of other independent media centres, so the code should be generally useful. And even then, as the code is open source you are free to create and maintain your own derivative branch if you so wish.

Let Us Know what you think of oscailt.

Posted by Chekov 2006-02-16

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