Oscailt Moves To Sourceforge

I've sucessfully moved oscailt over to sourceforge! Currently I have all the code in CVS and over the next while I'll put up all the old file releases, and perhaps move the website to http://oscailt.sourceforge.net

With CVS I have initialised the codebase with the 2.02 releases. I have tagged it using the name release_2_02 and will tag similarly for future releases. If patches are ever required for an earlier release I will create a branch called something like release_2_02_patches and then merge this into the main prior to the next release.

If you are submitting code please follow the following procedure below, we can formalise more over time if required.

1. If its a small quick change affecting only one or a small few files then submit it straight to the main branch.

2. If you are working on a larger change or one that will take you a while, create a working branch for yourself and when finished merge the branch with the main branch.

3.For all of your personal branches name them with your name or pseudonym followed by an underscore and then whatever you want. For example I have created vinnie_main for the work I am currently doing, periodically I'll merge it with the main branch, and then rebase my branch off the main. This way parallel development can occur without stepping on each other toes.

4. Within your own branches you can tag your own work but please follow the same naming convention used for branches as described above

If your unsure about using branches or doing merges, just drop me a mail and I can handle it for you no bother. Its probably better to not do it rather than mess up the archive.

Sometime soon I'll create an internationalization branch to coordinate switching the code to use gettext and a few other changes.

I have also set up the bug and feature tracker so please use these in future to track issues. We'll keep using the IMC-Tech list for mailing and discussion for the time being.

Thats all for now let me know of any issues.

Posted by Vinnie 2004-10-04

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