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SDO 0.11.0 released

Shared-Desktop-Ontologies 0.11 introduces the following
additions over SDO 0.10:

  • Added new properties to NMM:
    • nmm:albumArtist
    • nmm:albumProducer
    • nmm:albumConductor
  • Make nco:emailAddress a subPropertyOf nao:identifier
  • Change the range of nfo:fileSize from int to long
Posted by Vishesh Handa 2013-06-12

SDO 0.10.0 released

Shared-Desktop-Ontologies 0.10 introduces the following additions over SDO 0.9: Added nmm:TVSeason and friends to make TV seasons fully qualified resources; Fixed nmo:messageHeader cardinality restriction.

Posted by Sebastian Trueg 2012-06-13

SDO 0.8.1 released

SDO 0.8.1 is a small bugfix release which only contains one change over 0.8.0:
* Fixed domain of nmm:setSize to nmm:MusicAlbum. This fixes indexing of
certain mp3 files in Nepomuk.

Posted by Sebastian Trueg 2011-11-25

SDO 0.6.0 released

Shared-Desktop-Ontologies 0.6.0 is a small feature release which adds IM capabilities and presence publishing.
It is intended to be used with KDE 4.6.

Posted by Sebastian Trueg 2011-02-22