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WebOs File Release

Because i have failed to upload my file to the sourceforge folder.'/incoming'. I have decided to manually release my latest library. it can be downloaded from Http://os-weblib.sourceforge.net/webos.zip

If anyone from sourceforge can read this. Sort it out!!

Posted by Jordah 2006-06-03

Os weblib: Skin Engine

With the latest version of os-weblib, i have added a clever postloader and texture engine. The whole website virtually refreshes without having to reload. You can access the manual refresh button on the top-right corner of the Header Cntrl. To the far-right of the Logo.

Posted by Jordah 2006-06-03

New Screen shots...check it out

Hi all, i have added 4 different beautiful skins. Go to screenshots link to get them.

Posted by Jordah 2006-05-12

OS weblib revamped !!!

I have heavily revamped the library.
---> Added skin manager
---> added 4 good looking skins
---> MenuBars,Menu,MenuItems and Popups created
---> Added Toolbars
---> added HotButtons, NormalButtons

Posted by Jordah 2006-05-12

Status Bar Widgets ADDED!!

hi all, i have just added multi-field status bars to the windows, they can automatically be created with eg mywindow.setStatusText('hello world') or mywindow.setStatusText(2,'hi')--creates status field 2 and updates the contents. The status bars automatically resize with the window. In otherwords, im done with the statusbar widget for now, i'll add eye candy to this class with time to come

Posted by Jordah 2005-07-11

Revamped! OS-weblib

I have completely re-written the scripts and have squished enuff bugs. The skin engine is under major re-construction and will be available soon. The themed version looks equally as cool and is easier to implement, atleast for now. :)

Posted by Jordah 2005-05-26

ReVamp of Project

Hi all,
I have just revamped the domObject class, to a more managable and versatile class. its very simple and powerful. it allows creation of controls in different frames...draggable,resizable etc. With this the window class will be easier to complete without hassles

Posted by Jordah 2005-05-04

Screen Shots Added

Hi all, i have just added a few screenshots to help people understand what osweblib is about. Please note at the time of writing this the library is still in its alpha stage.

Posted by Jordah 2005-04-19

Alpha Version Download

Hi all, i have uploaded a zip file containing the library files. This is intended mostly for the developer community im hoping to get soon. Please read the documentation and let me know if you have any queries.

Posted by Jordah 2005-04-19