Features needed and some tips

  • antonio soares

    antonio soares - 2013-07-11

    Hi, community I ve used Dev-C++ and I'm glad that the proyect is not dead, here are some things that need to be added/changed

    1. Close a tab with Ctrl+F4
    2. When press F5 to compile the debug, just compile it without asking yes | no
    3. Save the Parameter
    4. Put the compiler option list in the toolbar
    5. The default font has a little extra space that hide the previous character for ex. the close bracket in this side ->]


    1. Create an option to load automatically file changes
    2. Git integration

    Well that's for now, I will try to update

    Last edit: antonio soares 2013-07-11
  • Caio de Jesus

    Caio de Jesus - 2014-05-14

    Congratulations, this is a nice project.

    I would like to say, for now, two things, and see what the opinion of the community.

    1: For the highlight matching braces/parentheses, it could be configurable in color schemes tab. For example, only bold or just change color of braces/parentheses and not the background. That's because, sometimes, it's hard to know where the cursor or to simply improve the reading.

    2: This close button (picture) can have an shortcut.


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