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ORSA now using GIT for code management

We have just switched from Subversion to GIT for code management. The SVN version of the code is no longer maintained.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2009-07-12

RendezvousWithVesta 1.0 Released

RendezvousWithVesta is a graphical software tool developed in support to the NASA DAWN mission. It allows to accurately simulate the dynamics of a spacecraft orbiting the asteroid (4) Vesta. The motivations for developing this tool are:

* understand how the physical parameters of Vesta affect the stability of low polar orbits;
* understand how the physical parameters of Vesta and the orbital elements of DAWN affect the coverage of Vesta's surface;
* provide a fast and reliable tool for the generation of orbits suitable for input in the Science Opportunity Analyzer (SOA) tool;... read more

Posted by P. Tricarico 2007-07-02

new ORSA on subversion

After more than one year of development, we're uploading today part of the new version of ORSA to the subversion system. The software requrements are changed with respect to ORSA 0.7.0; in particular, you will need Qt4 in order to process the .pro files and generate the makefiles. Also, you will need the OpenSceneGraph library, the GMP library (GNU Multiprecision), the SPICE toolkit from NASA/NAIF, the GSL library. The old version of ORSA is still available on the CVS, but as soon as we release the new version of ORSA, we plan to remove the CVS repository and continue the development using only SVN. At this point, interested users will probably find some problems in order to compile the library, and no applications are publicly available yet, but this situation will improve in the next future. Since I've never used SVN before, I welcome any suggestion on how to improve the ORSA repository.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2006-06-20

ORSA 0.7.0 released

We are releasing today ORSA 0.7.0. Source tarball, static Linux-i586 binary and Windows installer are already available. Changes include a rewrite of the Relativistic Corrections, Multipole Expansion (useful i.e. for low-Earth artificial satellites), texture support for all the Solar System planets (the textures can be downloaded automatically using the ORSA download tool), an URL with up-to-date GPS sats ephemeris, and the possibility to force the planets+Moon to the same position and velocity of the JPL ephemeris file.... read more

Posted by P. Tricarico 2005-01-12

ORSA 0.6.2 released

We are releasing today ORSA 0.6.2, as a source tarball and as a static Linux-i586 binary. Many bugs have been fixed, especially in the GUI. The numerical library has been improved, with some possible optimizations and speed-ups.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2004-10-02

ORSA 0.6.1 for Mac OS X released

The Mac OS X distribution package, contributed by Markus Bongard, is now available.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2004-07-16

ORSA 0.6.1 released

ORSA 0.6.1 is out. It fixes some OpenGL problems present in 0.6.0 released yesterday.

With ORSA 0.6 all the known bugs should have been fixed. The graphical user interface has been improved, in particular the 3D OpenGL viewer, with texture support and better rendering of orbits. Improved stability and numerical algorithms, and changed the internal time representation. Import of artificial satellites, and export of numerical integration on ascii file. Improved object editing/generation tools, with the possibility to use the orbital covariance matrix for virtual objects generation.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2004-07-09

ORSA for Windows released

After a long porting phase, and thanks to the priceless contribution of Kuba Ober, ORSA has finally been ported to Windows. We are releasing today the first distribution package, winorsa-0.5.0-rc2.exe.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2004-03-01

ORSA 0.5.0-rc1 released

This release adds support for Mac OS X and Windows, as well as high performance computing via MPI. The overall stability and the debugging system have been greatly improved. A close approach tool has been added, and perspective projection has been implemented to the OpenGL scene, as well as an Earth map, XY-grid and Z bars, full screen, and orbit cache. A tree-code interaction algorithm has been added, and minor bugs have been fixed.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2004-02-10

ORSA 0.4.0 released

ORSA 0.4.0 is out. This release integrates the download and import of many asteroid/comet catalogs from MPC, JPL, Lowell, AstDyS, and NEODyS. There is initial support for comets, initial PostScript output support for OpenGL scenes, improved stability and reliability, and many minor bugfixes. A statically linked binary xorsa-static-0.4.0.gz is also available.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-11-26

xorsa-static 0.3.1 released

We have managed to build a static version of the xorsa binary. It is provided for testing purposes, to allow occasional users to test the program, to skip a boring compilation session... But remember, this is a static binary: it's big, somewhat slow and poorly optimized. Feedback welcome.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-09-09

ORSA 0.3.0 released

ORSA 0.3.0 is out. This version fixes for all known bugs. The overall stability is slightly improved. Since this version, ORSA can be considered beta quality software. All users are urged to upgrade to this version.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-08-13

New release, new website

ORSA 0.3.0 is closer than ever. The release candidate 4 is out, with many improvements and some bugs fixed. The numerical library has been extensively tested and debugged. Some useful widgets have been introduced. The user interface is more coherent. The OpenGL section has been greatly improved.
The ORSA website has been partially redesigned too. We hope you like it. Please give us suggestion using the forums.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-08-02

ORSA on ia64

The development version of orsa, the incoming 0.3.0-rc4, has been successfully compiled on a Itanium based machine, using gcc 3.3 and Qt 3.2 beta. No code changes have been necessary. Accuracy and stability tests are being performed now and other minor checks too.
We thank INAF (Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica) - Osservatorio Astronomico di Padova, Italy, for providing the machine and for the support.
We hope to release the 0.3.0-rc4, and hopefully 0.3.0, before the end of July.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-07-09

xorsa binary available

A new file has been released, the xorsa binary, containing a partially statically linked binary of the xorsa program. All the ORSA libraries are statically linked, while the X11/OpenGL/Qt libraries are provided by the system and linked at runtime. This file is provided for testing purposes. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-05-20

ORSA 0.3.0-rc3 released

The release candidate 3 of ORSA 0.3.0 is out. A new integration algorithm (RADAU 15) has been added; many improvements to the numerical code; the xorsa gui has been tested and improved; many bugs have been fixed; the configure script tries to use more optimization options.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-05-07

ORSA 0.3.0-rc1 released

Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis (ORSA) provides a set of tools for celestial mechanics investigations. The 0.3.0 release candidate 1 contains the first implementation of the graphical interface xorsa, with OpenGL 3D viewer, analysis and integration capabilities, object editor and a number of minor enhancements. The main numerical library has been extensively developed and tested since the last release. Developers and users are encouraged to check out this version, feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-02-05

ORSA 0.3 to be released soon

Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis (ORSA) provides a set of tools for celestial mechanics investigations. The incoming 0.3 release includes the graphical application xorsa, with 3D OpenGL visualization tools, 2D plotting tools and Fourier Analysis tools.
The core library has been extensively developed and tested since the 0.2.1 release, and many bugs have been fixed. Developers and users are encouraged to check out the CVS version for testing and suggestion to be inserted in the 0.3 release.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2003-01-07

ORSA website updated

The ORSA website has been upgraded! Now the layout is simpler and immediate, and the content can be updated more quickly.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2002-07-19

relased orsa 0.2.1

This version is ready for the development of graphical tools like astfind or the main program xorsa.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2002-05-17

first public relase

This is the first public relase of the orsa package. It's mainly to get "on air" and to get in touch with a wider audience of users and developers. The design of the core library is at a good point now, and work is needed for the implementation of the applications.

Posted by P. Tricarico 2002-04-29