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New 3D Developer!

We are glad to welcome the new OpenGL developer, BitFuskeren (we really need him ;).
Welcome to Orpheon!! :D

Posted by Sergi 2001-12-10

This is not dead

Although it may seem that Orpheon is no longer updated...this is not true! I'm studying the code and making tests with it (it is a relatively extense code). I think that in few weeks I'd have some stuff to start continuing Orpheon. ;)

Posted by Sergi 2001-12-05

Hello everybody

Hi there, I'm the new developer. I'll try to head this project to new directions as psykotik said. I'm so glad to be here and i'll do my best with orpheon. I'll need some time to understand how all the code works and how psykotik has done it so great...The first thing I'll do is the new homepage of the project, it will be online in two weeks.
Well, here starts the second stage of orpheon. Thank you all, and special thanks to psykotik.

Posted by Sergi 2001-11-24

Project has found a developer!

The Orpheon project has officially found a new developer. I'd like everyone to welcome xtreem to the team, and with that I pretty much officially step out of the way. It's been a blast coding this thing as far as I have, and I thank everyone who's shown an interest. Hopefully it can head in new directions now.

Posted by Charles Pence 2001-11-24

Project up for adoption...

I just don't have the time to work on this anymore. A goor portion of Wolf3d was converted to OpenGL and upgraded, but I've been hit too hard with schoolwork. Anyone looking to take over, contact me, and I'll send all of the binaries, etc for development. It's been fun... Bye everyone.

Posted by Charles Pence 2000-10-03

Back Working!

Well, I've been out of town, and I've moved, but I'm back and working now, and big things are happening. I've started updating CVS again, and there's lots of changes in the source base. The first and most visible one is the fact that we've now got the OpenGL renderer split off into a DLL. Now, I know, all of the *nix users out there are cringing in horror, but portability is the next big thing I plan to start working on. First thing will be to introduce our own library of types (INT32, INT64, FLOAT, SHORT) that can be redefined for different compilers. After that's complete then we just have to work on endian-ness. I really don't have any good documents anywhere on portable code and big/little endian processors... If anyone has anything that could help with portability it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks. Psykotik, out.

Posted by Charles Pence 2000-07-28

Massive Changes

There's massive changes going on to the source base, namely collision detection with bounding boxes, frustum culling for an almost 15 FPS boost (without compiler optimizations, in debug mode, on a middle-of-the-road computer, 47 FPS), beginnings of full statbar support, beginnings of items support, and more! Things are coming along quite nicely!

Posted by Charles Pence 2000-06-27

Alive and Kicking

After a week and a half of "vacation" (three days at my girlfriend's grandparents' house, and a week out at Southwest Texas State Band Camp [the clarinet owns you all]), I'm back and coding! There's a stable beginning to the menu system coded in, and the game now loads the Wolf3D "objects" plane, and is displaying all the stuff like potted plants, overhead lights, treasures, guns, clips, etc, although none of the items and bonuses can be picked up yet. The next thing up is a lot (and I mean LOT) of graphic art work, because the way the content is stored at this point creates a black halo around ALL the images. However, I am confident enough of this release that I've tagged it 0.001 Development Alpha, which I can say is the first "real" release with a name that we've gotten to so far. I guess we're out of Pre-Alpha phase now! Expect some binaries as soon as the graphics work is done. Psykotik, out.

Posted by Charles Pence 2000-06-24

End-User Site Up

The Orpheon end-user site is now up and running at http://orpheon.sourceforge.net, and this site will serve to hold info and downloads meant for end-users of the game. Developers will want to continue to visit this site (https://sourceforge.net/projects/orpheon). News posted here will be that of primary interest to developers. News posted at the other site will mainly consist of releases and new feature announcements (of course, this news will also be mirrored on this site as well). All in all I think this should be a great setup for us. Have fun! Binary release should happen fairly soon, I'm working on some problems with doors and some work on support for Wolf3D's equivalent of areaportals from Quake/Q2. More info on that as it progresses. I'm making CVS commit's fairly often. Check it out.

Posted by Charles Pence 2000-06-09

CVS Tree Working

I've got the CVS tree working, all of the source code is now available in the CVS repository. Work can actually begin on the project at our new home here very soon.

Posted by Charles Pence 2000-06-08


Orpheon is up and running on SourceForge. I can't do any sorts of uploading or working on the CVS tree yet, because SourceForge's DNS hasn't updated. At any rate, our project is a recreation of Wolfenstein 3D (in its classic, 2.5d format), fully OpenSourced, running under OpenGL, and taking advantage of any new technology as we see fit. Hope to have a very first alpha release and a CVS tree running sometime soon!

Posted by Charles Pence 2000-06-08

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