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Oropuro Trading System v0.2.4 released

A new release of OROPURO is available.

In this release:
Some new features specifically requested from our users, and increase of capability to manage big stocks database.

The new Kit contain also the Oropuro JAR to allow experienced users to manage directly the start of VM Java.

Enhanced functionalities for cooperation,

Added IMPORT and EXPORT for EOD data from/to different sources. EOD data can be imported from a CSV standard text file. ... read more

Posted by LCodex 2007-11-24

Oropuro Trading System v0.2.2 update released

Just before vacations, a new release to solve some little problems founded in Neural net management and creation, and a bit of what will be the post-processing modules.
In this release some correction was done to the normalization formulas for the neural net generation and processing (pay Attention, results of previous release Neural Nets may be incongruous), and an enhancement of the signals identification.
Implementation of the modules for the post processing of analysis to obtain automatic generation of buy/sell signals.... read more

Posted by LCodex 2007-07-03

Oropuro Trading System v0.2.1 released

OROPURO is a complete technical analysis & trading system, to support trader community.

New release 0.2.1 close to the previous, to respect proposed program plan.

In this new version there are:
- some corrections,
- enhancement of the graphical rendering
- more than 140 processing functions
(with the help of TA-LIB) to complete
Technical Analysis feature.

See on the web site the complete analysis list.... read more

Posted by LCodex 2007-06-01