Natural ORM Architect: 2009-10CTP released

The October 2009 Community Technology Preview of Natural Object-Role Modeling Architect for Visual Studio is now available through or

Release notes are duplicated here:

Expanding the appropriate file download and running Setup.bat will uninstall any old NORMA version and reinstall the new pieces. Visual Studio instances should be shutdown before running setup, and Vista users should use the provided SetupVista.bat or explicitly run Setup.bat as an Administrator. The release includes modifications through changeset 1416.

Because of ongoing work to generate join paths and the multiline value constraint supported, saving files loaded with this new version (even those with no visible edits) may add additional information that is not visible to the user, but will nevertheless not load in earlier NORMA versions. Please ensure that model collaborators all have the new version. This new data will be verbalized in the next NORMA release.

The October 2009 release adds support for multi-line value constraints, verbalization for external uniqueness constraints on binary fact types, a single undo unit for Fact Editor line commits, and a number of other other minor features and stabilization over the July 2009 release. Details are available in the included Documentation\Readme.htm installed with NORMA and in the SVN change logs on sourceforge.The following notable items have been improved:

1) Multiline value constraint display is enabled on a per-shape basis with the MaxColumns and MaxValues properties.

2) Implied fact instance populations in a fact type used as part of an entity identification scheme can be directly edited by selecting a role in the fact type with the implied population.

3) Hyphen-binding has been modified to allow adjacent hyphen display by collapsing both the space after the hyphen-bind along with the hyphen. So, 'bound-- Hyphen' will now verbalize as 'bound-Hyphen' instead of 'bound- Hyphen'.

4) The 'Select in Model Browser' command has been added.

5) The Reading Editor now correctly supports the delete command and remembers the expansion state of the Implied Fact Types branch when selection changes.

6) Committing a line in the Fact Editor now generates a single Undo item instead of one for the initial generation and one for the layout. Issues with subshapes (like a ValueConstraint) not being generated for a Fact Editor reference to an existing object type has now been fixed.

7) External frequency constraints on binary fact types are now verbalized.

8) HTML reports for fact types were generating 0-length files. This has been fixed, along with issues generating files for fact types and object types containing invalid file characters.

9) Error handling for missing extensions or a failed extension load with the Extension Manager has now been improved to correctly notice the user and recover from these states.

10) A setup dependency failure was specifying a Visual Studio 2005 install as a prerequisite for the VS 2008 product.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2009-11-05

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