Neumont ORM Architect for Visual Studio 2008-05CTP released!

The Object-Role Modeling (ORM) standard version 2, associated schemas and generation tools, and a reference implementation in the form of Neumont ORM Architect for Visual Studio.

The May 2008 Community Technology Preview of Neumont Object-Role Modeling Architect for Visual Studio is now available through or

Release notes are duplicated here:

Running Setup.bat from the appropriate download file will correctly uninstall any old NORMA version and reinstall the new pieces. Visual Studio instances should be shutdown before running setup, and Vista users should run the batch file as an Administrator. The drop includes modifications through changeset 1313.

In addition to ongoing fixes for known issues, the following notable items have changed since the 2008-04 CTP drop:
1) Additional column name generation changes have been made. Long subtype changes should now give much better default names, role names and hyphen binding should be used more frequently, and secondary identifier names should be cleaner. See additional usage notes in release notes for the 2008-04CTP.

2) The Fact Editor has been updated to allow ObjectType names to be entered directly without predicates. 'A(.id) B() C(.code)<Ctrl-Enter>' will now add the A, B, and C ObjectTypes to your model. The auto-layout should also improve--the core algorithm has not changed, but the input constraints were tweaked to give a better experience from the Fact Editor and with DB import scenarios.

3) Objectification of unary FactTypes is now supported. Note that we always generate an open-world-with-negation pattern, which will change in the future, but you will no longer get the dreaded 'duplicate name error' when unaries are objectified, and they are handled correctly.

4) The column generation has been largely rewritten for this drop. You will see two major resulting changes:
a) Foreign key references to absorbed identifier columns will now point to columns for the absorbed reference, not the identifier of the primary table.
b) A complete FactType path will always be shown in the ORM Verbalization Browser

5) Check clauses are now generated to group mandatory constraints from absorbed subtypes and multi-column foreign keys. Note that the generated code is correct, but not necessarily complete. We do not yet handle split absorption paths, exlusion/disjunctive mandatory constraints across subtypes, etc.

6) A new generation layer (shown with 'LinqToSqlAttributeMapping') is now available in VS2008. This generates classes ready to use with LinqToSql and WCF ServiceContract web-services.

7) A preliminary BarkerER view has been added to setup. This is a preliminary view as there are a number of unfinished issues (regeneration is not trigger as frequently as the relational models, no real work has been done one Entity/Attribute/Role names, etc). However, the current implementation gives you a nice preview of our work in this area.

Note that the readme.txt with the download has NOT been updated for this drop.

Posted by Matthew Curland 2008-06-10

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