Neumont ORM Architect for Visual Studio 2008-04CTP released!

The April 2008 Community Technology Preview of Neumont Object-Role Modeling Architect for Visual Studio is now available through or

Release notes are duplicated here:

Running Setup.bat from the appropriate download file will correctly uninstall any old NORMA version and reinstall the new pieces. Visual Studio instances should be shutdown before running setup, and Vista users should run the batch file as an Administrator. The drop includes modifications through changeset 1283.

In addition to ongoing fixes for known issues, the following notable items have changed since the 2008-02 CTP drop:
1) The default column name generation for the relational view has been completely reworked.
a) Explicit control for use of reference mode pattern parts (EntityTypeName, ReferenceModeName, ValueTypeName) are available for all three reference mode patterns (popular, unitbased, general) and affect both referenced entities and columns included as part of a preferred identifier.
b) 'Recognized Phrase' abbrevations have been added to ObjectType abbreviations. Single or multi-word phrases can now be replaced or omitted during name generation.

2) Relational generation algorithm changes are now stored with the .orm file, meaning that any algorithmic fixes will be automatically applied when the file is opened.

3) Unary FactTypes now show a single column population column in the ORM Sample Population tool window.

4) Frequency constraints applied to roles from a single FactType are now verbalized correctly.

5) Non-primary uniqueness constraints with optional roles are now implemented using views with SQL Server DDL

Posted by Matthew Curland 2008-05-07

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